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Getting Back in Action! :)  Michael S. DeVries
 Mar 09, 2006 13:38 PST 

The Virtual Consulting Discussion List [VCDL]

Thursday, March 09, 2006      Digest #27
List Moderator: Michael S.DeVries DeVr-@cris.com

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#1 Getting Back in Action! :) - A Message from your Virtual Moderator
     - Michael S. DeVries

#2 Is There Really an Easy way to start an Online Business?
     - E K Gann

#3 The magic of outsourcing
     - Richard Jackson

#4 7 Reasons To Publish An Ezine
     - Azam Corry

#5 Malware, Spyware and Viruss all things developed to harm you PC
     - Paul Cottam

#6 Consumer and Business Benefits from Switching To VoIP
     - Justin Brown

#7 Dos and Donts in Email Marketing to Increase Your Income Online
     - E K Gann

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#1 A Message from your Virtual Moderator
Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2006
From: "Michael S. DeVries" < DeVries @cris.com>
Reply To: Virtual-C-@topica.com

Dear Fellow Virtual Consultants,

I bet you all thought I “fell off the face of the earth” ;(, huh?

Nope! ;)

Please do all accept my sincere apologies for the longer than
anticipated and unintended interval since the publication of our last
Digest of The Virtual Consulting Discussion List.

And …

Thank You! to all of our loyal VCDL Members for all of your patience and
understanding in “hanging” and “bearing” with me through all of the
evolution that The Virtual Consulting Discussion List, and the World of
Virtual Consulting, has undergone in the now almost Three (3) Years of
publication of The Virtual Consulting Discussion List! :)

You will also soon be receiving a separate Announcement from our primary
sponsor, The Virtual Consulting Firm, for which I also act as a
Principal, which will give you some indication as to some of the
exciting developments which have kept me “tied up” since the publication
of the last Digest of The Virtual Consulting Discussion List, and
through which you may also now further Benefit as a loyal Member of The
Virtual Consulting Discussion List.

So …

Please keep your “eyes peeled” for this Special Announcement (email
message) coming to you, from The Virtual Consulting Firm, soon!

I should (hopefully) now be “freed up” enough again to be able to devote
the appropriate necessary time and attention required to again, on a
more regular publication schedule, put together the quality content that
you have come to expect, and hopefully enjoyed and benefited from, in
The Virtual Consulting Discussion List :)

I am also (always) “on the lookout” for some more good Fr^ee Gifts, just
for, and that will be of value and benefit to all, VCDL Members, for
which I will send you all as a separate email message with the
instructions on how you may claim your further Fr^ee Gifts for your
participation in The Virtual Consulting Discussion List! :)

Therefore, if any of you happen to have a Fr^ee Gift you would also like
to share with all of your Fellow VCDL Members, then …

Please send me the necessary information, and a copy of, your Fr^ee Gift
for, consideration to offer to, all of your Fellow VCDL Members, and I
will also get all of these (appropriate) further Fr^ee Gifts, with
appropriate “credit” to, and Great PR for, you for your sharing it with
us all! :), out to all of our Fellow VCDL Members as soon as possible,

Please also let me know if there are some (types of) Fr^ee Gifts that
you feel would be of particular interest and value to you, and your
Fellow VCDL Members and I will see what I may be able to find, get for,
and provide to you all as further valuable Fr^ee Gifts for all of your
participation in The Virtual Consulting Discussion List, ok?

So …

Please also keep your “eyes open” for these messages containing even
more Fr^ee Gifts for you, as a Member of The Virtual Consulting
Discussion List, (hopefully) also coming soon!, ok?

I would also, as always, Love to hear from each of you! :), regarding …

What you would all like to see? And …
What would be to the most benefit to you? …
In future Digests of The Virtual Consulting Discussion List.

I would also, always, Love to receive and Post any pertinent discussion
points, Articles you have written, etc. here in The Virtual Consulting
Discussion List, for all of our further mutual benefit, ok?

Therefore, Please send any and all of your feedback regarding what all
you would like to see, and your Postings for inclusion in, the future
Digests of The Virtual Consulting Discussion List to me at:


Or at: …

DeVries @cris.com
(which requires your response to the SpamArrest “challenge” for your
email messages to reach me)

For the further mutual benefit of All of your Fellow VCDL Members! :),

Thank you all again for your participation as a loyal Member of The
Virtual Consulting Discussion List and Have a Great Day! :)

Your (no longer absent ;)) Virtual Moderator,

- Michael S. DeVries

#2 Is There Really an Easy way to start an Online Business?
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 10:28:29 -0500
From: ekgan-@yahoo.com
Reply To: Virtual-C-@topica.com

Many found the task either too confusing, too difficult, too time
consuming, too expensive or downright impossible!

You got to believe “there is no free lunch……………..”
Starting an online business is Easy. You can get it for free if you

Getting an income out of your online business is something different.
Different and/is not Difficult

The single biggest piece of advice every marketer gave:
built a list of targeted opportunity seekers so you could keep in touch
with them and make product recommendations to earn affiliate

“Believes create miracles”

Until you really believe that you can achieve the sort of income you’re
looking for online, you’ll never take the necessary actions to get
achieve your goals.
Many people will procrastinate and do things only when they have no
other choice.
You got to set yourself an ultimatum. If you don’t get this to work,
what will happen?
You’ll just give up and go back to the rat race?
You must treat this as your business and not a hobby.
If you’re always on the ‘learning mode” and not doing, it’s a hobby.

You may know what you need to do to succeed but actually taking the
steps to do it is a whole different story. Why people don’t do things
even though they know they need to. You’re not taking action because you
don’t see the immediate impact of your efforts. That’s because you’re
focusing on the process and not the result.

For people who are confused, they don’t know where to begin and they’re
confused with the technology. Frustration crisped in.

Reduce your confusion is to take one step at a time.
And always Get The First Steps Right.
Don’t try to learn everything at once.
Confusion can only be reduced through experience.
If you don’t take action on what you’ve learned then you will get no

Don’t ever give up because you don’t know how to work a program.
Again, focus on the results, not the process.
You only need to learn something once, and you can use that knowledge to
produce your income many times.

Ask other people and search around the forums to find an answer for your
confusion. There’s no such thing as a stupid question. Start visiting
forums, you’ll find the most helpful people there, if you are willing
and humble enough to ask for answers.

This article is written by E K Gann. His aim is to work together and
help others starting business online. Especially beginners who are
facing problems and difficulties getting resources, and those in need
for Personal Development; in marketing, sales, self improvement,
motivation and continue education. He has been following the footsteps
of a man who earns $3,244,842.32 in 27 months! You can do the same. Find
out how he do
it: http://www.parabots.net/x.cgi?id=368&tid=4

View their website at: http://www.parabots.net/x.cgi?id=368&tid=4

#3 The magic of outsourcing
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006 13:14:59 -0500
From: webma-@aumenta.cc
Reply To: Virtual-C-@topica.com

The magic of outsourcing
Written by Richard Jackson

“The survival of the fittest” is not only the motto of the animal
kingdom, but of the business world as well. In order to survive in a
highly competitive market, business entities have to adopt aggressive
strategies for optimum utilisation of their available resources
(including their manpower). Outsourcing has become an important business
strategy for survival and success in the market place.

Nowadays there is a major tendency of businesses to outsource their
business processes such as customer care and data processing to an
external provider in the pursuit of success. A typical example is of a
medium-size manufacturer of electronic products who finds it difficult
to operate his customer care department within his affordable budget. He
gets in touch with a service provider in India which has a well-trained
and highly skilled workforce that manages his customer care requirements
admirably and well within his stipulated budget. Soon he finds himself
on the stairway to success. Of course, the results may not be visible
overnight but within a short period of 3 – 6 months the owner is
pleased, the service provider is happy and the customer is truly
satisfied. It is a win-win situation. This is the magic of outsourcing.

There is nothing wrong about outsourcing and everything right about it.
That’s why it has become a popular buzzword in the modern business
Keep functions such as Corporate Planning and finance within your
Do not outsource functions you specialise in yourself whether it is
production or database management. Then decide on the remaining areas
such as customer service perhaps or even the logistics function. Can
they be outsourced? Each individual business will have its own response
to this vital self-analysis. Then the logical follow-up will be to whom
should they outsource these functions to. Again, the decision taken
should be uniquely suited to the requirements of the organisation.
Actually, many companies outsource their business functions without even
realising it.
When you pay Fedex for delivering your parcels and correspondences you
are in fact outsourcing. When you hire security guards from a specialist
agency to protect your premises once again you are outsourcing.

However, business enterprises should be careful about which service
provider they will opt for to manage their outsourcing requirements.
The low cost vendor will have the same demerits in comparison with his
more ‘expensive’ rival as the flea market will have in comparison with a
high-class shopping mall like Bloomingdales. There will definitely be a
greater reliability in the quality of services provided by a vendor who
quotes a higher price but has better staff, better infrastructure and
can satisfy your customers better.

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) function of the vendor should
be like the BBC i.e. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This will be a
boon to the customers or even prospective customers who require to be
attended with a personal touch so that they can obtain relevant
information about the products and services on offer. A CRM serves as a
marketing as well as a fulfillment function for the business.

The customer should be encouraged to speak directly to the manager
rather than agents for important ordering of products or services. For
example, if one wants to buy a custom-made car he or she would approach
the designer first and not the mechanic who would actually implement the
design. It is but obvious that the manager is in a better position to
attend to the major customer demands due to his knowledge of the actual
customer requirements due to his experience and his awareness of the
system as a whole. Besides, it is he who actually has trained the

India has become popular as a BPO destination as it has the demographic
advantage of a high number of educated people who are IT savvy and can
communicate in excellent English. There are numerous other advantages as
well such as lower overheads, Government support, improving telecom
infrastructure, lower infrastructure costs, hardworking and dedicated
staff, and the focus on quality control by the service providers. There
is an improvement in quality and productivity of services rendered by
these vendors in India.

The outsourcing of various processes lead to an economy of scale for the
business and the operations of the organisation can easily be scaled to
meet the requirements of the market. The expertise of the service
provider can result in better output, an increase in the standard of the
services rendered and a better reputation for the outsourcing
There should be no compromise on costs when selecting a suitable service
provider as the fees charged is nothing but an investment that will
benefit the outsourcing organization in the long run.

Thus, outsourcing is the way forward for most enterprises whether they
are corporate giants or SMEs. It could be the key to their survival. It
is the key to their success.

Read more about Aumenta Services at http://www.aumenta.cc

Aumenta offers Call Center Services to small enterprises.

View their website at: http://www.aumenta.cc

#4 7 Reasons To Publish An Ezine
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006 13:14:27 -0500
From: arti-@nowsell.com
Reply To: Virtual-C-@topica.com

7 Reasons To Publish An Ezine
Written by Azam Corry

1. Publish A Free Ezine For Selling Products

You could publish a free ezine or newsletter to promote your own or
affiliate products, MLMs, etc. This is the most common format, and to
work well requires quality — preferably original — content related to
your business and products so that it stands out from the crowd.

2. Publish Free Ezine For Selling Advertising Space

You could publish a free ezine or newsletter to sell advertising spots
and exclusive mailings to other businesses. Similar in format to the
previous example, except that instead of using the ezine as a vehicle
for promoting your own products, you use it to generate ad revenue. This
approach is often favored by those new online and / or without their own
product, using mainly contributed articles for content and combining the
promotion of affiliate programs with ad sales.

3. Publish A Paid Subscription Ezine

You could charge a monthly or yearly subscription to your ezine or
newsletter. Unless your annual subscription is fee is relatively little,
you will probably make more money with a low monthly fee automatically
charged to the subscriber’s credit card. Note that you need quality,
highly targeted original to be successful selling ezine subscriptions
like this.

4. Publish A Free Ezine As A Lead-In To One With More Value

You could publish a free ezine or newsletter as a “lite” version of
paidsubscription ezine that offers higher value content. You would
simply provide a taste of each piece of content in your free ezine, with
“full version” articles of greater depth that provide more details and
specialized information, 100% original content, secrets of the trade,
etc., available with a paid subscription.

Another variant on this model would be to charge a small subscription
fee for an ad-free version of your publication. Some people don’t want
to get advertisements in every issue and are willing to pay to get rid
off them. Free subscribers would get ads and paid subscribers wouldn’t.

5. Publish A Free Ezine And Charge For The Archives

Yet another way to make money with an ezine is to charge a one time fee
for lifetime access to your ezine archives. Obviously, for this to work
you’ll need to have plenty of issues archived already, offering
substantially original and/ or unique content. They also need to be
searchable, which isn’t difficult these days using Google, or at the
very least indexed by topic.

6. Publish A Free Ezine And Sell Reprint Rights

You could publish a free ezine or newsletter that has original content
and promotes various related affiliate products. You could then package
it up into a set with graphics and a sales page and sell it or charge
people a subscription fee to reprint each issue and use it as their own
ezine. They would just have to change the titles, contact info and
affiliate link codes.

In a different twist, you could promote your own products in the ezine
and give it away to your own affiliates as a promotional tool.
Alternatively, you could still give away your ezine with free reprint
rights, but require that certain links to your website or affiliate
promotions are maintained for a semi-viral effect.

7. Publish A Free Ezine And Sell A Print Edition

You could publish a free ezine or newsletter and charge for a
subscription for a print edition delivered every month. Put additional
premium content in the print edition, similar to how you would do a
subscription ezine.
The added benefit of a doing a tangible print version is that you can
charge more for it because the perceived value is higher, plus you can
make a little extra on the shipping charges too.

Online since 1997, Azam Corry Cuts Through The Hype To Help You
Develop a Winning Web Marketing Strategy. Subscribe To His Blog
For More Free Articles, Tools And Resources.

Get His Free Ezine Promotion Plan With Expert Tips For YOUR Ezine!

View their website at: http://www.NowSell.com

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[Now back to our "regular scheduled programming"

#5 Malware, Spyware and Viruses all things developed to harm you PC
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006 13:12:53 -0500
From: paul_c-@hotmail.com
Reply To: Virtual-C-@topica.com

Malware, Spyware and Virus’s all things developed to harm you PC
Written by Paul Cottam

How many people do you know that bought a PC that came with a limited
virus package that have never paid for updates or have not even bothered
to install and Anti Virus software on there PC,s at all

With all the Spyware and malicious Malware out the on the net now,
especaily as most people now how broadband access and as a result most
PC's are left connected to the internet for long periods or indefinitely
the chances of a security threat is now very common

There are literally millions of computors out there connected to the
internet with no antivirus sotware installed, many people simply cant
afford to pay for the ever increasing cost of such software. Some even
call for windows to come as standard with antivirus software built in,
fortunatley there is an alternative that is FREE

When ever I am asked to help sort out a friend's PC, be it a simple
windows problem or a complete reformat and reinstall of Windows. I
always take along a CD with a few useful programs stored on disc. One is
AV Antivirus from Grisoft, the next is Microsoft Antispyware now called
Defender and the last is Swait a Anti Trojan and Bot Scanner/Remover all
programs are FREE and so there is no excuse for not being protected at

This is especially important if like me you have a home network that has
several PC,s connected to it, one infected PC will infect all others on
the network very quickly. Often malicious code can be downloaded very
easily from the internet with even knowing, one of the main areas for
infecting your PC with Spyware is by the use of file sharing software
(P2P peer to peer networking) and some freeware which can often come
bundled with Spyware that installs without informing you

This is especially important if you share your PC with other members of
the household, or have other PC’s linked into your network as not
everyone is as security conscious as yourself and guests etc often
download and install stuff without thinking.

That new tool bar that they installed because it gave them more
emoticons to use in there instant messenger or shopping helper starts to
hijack your browser settings. Suddenly your home page changes and
despite having a pop up blocker you get regular timed pop up windows,
some Spyware like this can be so difficult to remover and occasional
leads to a reinstallation of the operating software

One other necessity has to be a pop up blocker and my personal favorite
has to be the Google tool bar as it allows you to use the full search
facilities and block pop ups very effectively. Also effective in this
area is the Yahoo tool bar which comes with some Antispyware features
although I have never tested this function

Windows XP has some good security features in the Service Pack 2
download (SP2) and includes a Firewall that is simple but effective to
use , I keep SP2 on a CD for any reformats that I have to do, as
Microsoft is removing some of the downloads like this as it rolls back
its support for older versions of windows

There is a great online tool from Norton that you can use to scan your
PC for and security threats including virus's from Symantec Security
Check page simply press the go button and let Symantec scan your PC for
All in all theres really no excuse for not protecting your PC security
and if we don’t the net will continue to drown in email virus’s and spam
until one day the whole internet will become clogged and ultimatley it
will grind to a halt

Paul Cottam built his first Web site in 1996 and has lots of information
on anyone interested in Land Rovers, Stage Rallying, Classic Car
Restoration, Rock Climbing and much more, he now builds affordable
websites for small companies and is successful in the art of Search
Engine Optimisation

View their website at: http://www.paul-cottam.co.uk

[Reminder: You may find some of these and additional resources for
protecting yourself against Malware, Spyware and Viruses and other
things developed to harm you PC in The Virtual Consultants’ Resource
center, for which some “quick links” are provided below for your
convenience and further benefit:

Anti-Spyware - http://www.thevcf.com/vccenter.phtml#SPYWARE
Anti-Virus - http://www.thevcf.com/vccenter.phtml#ANTIVIRUS
Firewalls and other Security software -
Toolbars - http://www.thevcf.com/vccenter.phtml#TOOLBAR

#5 Consumer and Business Benefits from Switching To VoIP
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2006 10:21:57 -0500
From: justinbr-@yahoo.co.uk
Reply To: Virtual-C-@topica.com

Consumer and Business Benefits from Switching To VoIP
Written by Justin Brown

There are not many that haven’t heard of VoIP and the benefits that it
can bring to a consumer and cut costs for a business. However, many
will be wondering whether VoIP is something that they need and what the
benefits will be of changing over to VoIP. In this article I will
highlight some of the key points and you can then decide for yourself.

From a consumer standpoint, VoIP can provide an opportunity to make
significant cost savings. This is especially the case for those that
make long distance calls, but how can this be? Well long distance calls
are carried over your computer broadband internet connection and
bypasses the telephone company altogether, meaning that a lot of taxes
and charges are not incurred.

The saving in long distance calling can result in a massive saving for
businesses. Furthermore, the amount of VoIP service providers entering
the market means that the competition and resulting pricing battle
between the providers is good for many businesses looking to convert to

In order for VoIP to work well, it is important that you have a good
bandwidth connection (DSL or broadband). Other necessities include a
regular phone or a computer microphone, and a VoIP route adaptor in
order for your phone to connect to the internet. The fantastic
advantage that you receive with the converter is that it has your number
assigned to it. You may think “what is so good about that?”, well I’ll
explain. As your number is assigned to the converter rather than the
line that your usual phone connects to, you are able to plug the
converter into any broadband connection and immediately utilize your
usual number for making and receiving calls. You’ll also of course need
to sign up with a VoIP service provider beforehand.

You may find that many VoIP companies offer free voicemail, caller ID,
call waiting, speed dialing, call forwarding, plus 3-way calling and a
lot more. Take a look around at the providers and also take the
opportunity to use the trials that many companies are offering.

VoIP is still a very new technology and promises to advance
significantly over the coming years. However, the benefits are already
shining through, and it may soon appear that regular analogue phone
system companies may not be able to compete with the advancements of
VoIP. Only time will tell, but it looks as though VoIP is definitely
here to stay and will soon take over in many homes and business premises
throughout the world as a cheaper alternative to existing phone lines.
Consider looking further into what VoIP has to offer by visiting the
website below. You will find a lot of interesting information and may
settle any queries that you have about what VoIP is, what it has to
offer, and which providers you should consider choosing.

Justin Brown provides informative articles on VoIP at his site;
http://www.voip-serviceproviders.info. Here you can find great info and
learn about this hot new technology. He also runs
http://www.idealauto.co.uk where you can sell or buy any used cars

View their website at: http://www.voip-serviceproviders.info

#7 Dos and Donts in Email Marketing to Increase Your Income Online
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 10:28:32 -0500
From: ekgan-@yahoo.com
Reply To: Virtual-C-@topica.com

Email is free. Or almost next to zero cost.

One major draw back is using it as an illegitimate marketing tool,
spamming. Everyone hates receiving Spam and resent those that send it.

Building the List

Based on your business niche, acquire a relevant list of potential
customers or prospects. Built up a list from the beginning can be time
consuming. But once someone request to be put into your emailing list,
you can periodically send them messages to keep them informed of your
products or services. These are referred to as “opt-in” lists. Most
importantly is with these lists, you have their permission to continue

With your newly acquired high quality list, make use of it wisely.
These guidelines give you the Dos and Don’ts in making sure you produce
results in the coming years:

Don’t create a campaign that promotes scams or illegitimate businesses.
Your offers and information should be legitimate, to create trust for a
long time business.
Do make sure the content is as relevant to the request the list asked
for in the first place when they opt-in into your list.
Do format your messages for easy reading.
Do make sure the subject line are short and to the point.
Do personalize the messages, like using the prospects’ first name.
Don’t send too much or too often. They are annoying. Timed your
messages, control the frequency. Prevents overusing.

Don’t include attachments. Many people will avoids opening attachments
as this is one of the most common ways viruses are distributed.
Do focus on the objective of your message.
Do creates urgency to response to your offers.
Do provide up sells, if the opportunity arise.
Do promise your prospects that information you gather through the
opt-ins are safe, and their privacy are maintained.
Don’t send your message to the entire list at once. Do some testing on
a small number and monitor the responses.

Email Marketing will allows you to create an ongoing dialogue and
established rapport with your prospects and customers. It can starts
helping you to build those all-important relationships. And with this
level of relationships that you have with your prospects and customers,
it will determine your online business’s success in the future years.

This article is written by E K Gann. His aim is to work together and
help others starting business online. Especially beginners who are
facing problems and difficulties getting resources, and those in need
for Personal Development; in marketing, sales, self improvement,
motivation and continue education. He has been following the footsteps
of a man who earns $3,244,842.32 in 27 months! You can do the same. Find
out how he do
it: http://www.parabots.net/x.cgi?id=368&tid=4

View their website at: http://www.parabots.net/x.cgi?id=368&tid=4

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