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Volunteer Vittles Vol. 292  Cat Adams
 Oct 28, 2001 12:26 PST 
Volunteer Vittles Vol. 292
October 28, 2001

Happy Halloween to all of you from Witchy Cat [SMILE]...
Please keep your children (and your neighbor's children)
safe and sound. They're our future...

Wow! Are we ever LATE with publishing this issue
of Volunteer Vittles. I think that my computer,
and maybe the whole Internet, was sabotaging us!
Our list server Topica was down for a couple of
days, and every time I tried to read your wonderful
comments at my Hotmail e-mail inbox, AOL would
crash, and more. Today my computer froze up as I
tried to FINALLY finish this issue (think that has
something to do with my teenagers surfing the net),
but I got really stubborn and told my computer:
"Listen! I'm bigger than you are... Behave!" I know
that's silly... but it worked! Thanks for your

Thanks so much for your votes in the list fights!
As of right now, we're in 2nd place (barely) in Round 2.
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This is your e-zine, so please contribute.
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or household tips are welcome.
We LOVE hearing from you!
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Contents in this issue:
. Recipe: Easy Chicken Biscuit Pie
. Hints from Helga
. Little Vittles Recipe: Snickers Salad
. Cute Toons
. Recipe: Unstuffed Cabbage for Crockpot
. Pet Place
. Recipe: Ambrosia
. Recommended Web Sites
. Humor/Inspirational
. Recipe: Rhubarb Fruit Leather
. Reader Comments and Requests

And now, on to today's Vittles...

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RECIPE: Easy Chicken Biscuit Pie

Reader Jim shares:

Can use either canned or left-over baked or boiled chicken.

1 10-16 oz can chicken or 1 to 2 cups cut up cooked chicken
1 10 Oz can cream of chicken soup
1/2 can liquid (water, milk or liquid form canned chicken)
2/3 cup frozen green peas
2 Carrots, scraped and cut crossways or diced
1 Medium potato peeled and diced
1 can "whomp" biscuits (any brand of 10 to the can will do)
   (see below for explanation)

Spray a 6 X 9, 8" square or 9" round baking dish with PAM.
Combine peas, carrots and potatoes and spread as a first layer.
Salt and pepper as needed. Arrange chicken as the next layer.
Mix cream of chicken soup with liquid and pour over it.

Arrange canned biscuits on top and bake about 25 minutes in a
350 oven or until the biscuits are nice and brown. Let rest
for about five minutes before serving.

Know how whomp biscuits got their name? You whomp them over
the edge of the table to open them.

[Editor's note: Visit Jim's website at the address below.]
<A HREF=" mailto:volunteer-@hotmail.com?subject=Recipe ">
Send your recipe to Cat </A>

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Simply send an email, with subscribe in the BODY of
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Hints From Helga:

Reader Abbi shares:

   I recently "acquired" three more cockatiels to go
   with our one. I have found when cleaning out the
   food dishes I'm throwing away a lot of unused seeds.
   So I have a small container I dump it all in, then
   put that outside in my wild bird feeder. I feed my
   cockatiels several types of food, so this way the
   outside birds get a bit of a treat! And I feel better
   not throwing out the bottom of the food dish leftovers.

Reader Nanette asks:

   I was wondering if any of your readers know a way to
   keep the green from hard mineral well water from
   building up in your hair. I put blond color in and
   it seems to turn it a bit green. Thanks.

Can any of you readers help Nanette (maybe for AFTER
Halloween, that is)? Thanks!
<A HREF=" mailto:helg-@hotmail.com?subject=Green ">
Send green hair color info for Nanette </A>

Reader Carol writes in:

   I don't know how I can be such a slob but I got
   chocolate custard on a knit shirt (60%cotton/40% rayon)
   and can't get it out. I have used Shout twice and it is
   lighter but NOT gone. I have not put it in the dryer.
   Any suggestions? Thanks and keep up the good work on the

Any suggestions for Carol? Thanks!
<A HREF=" mailto:helg-@hotmail.com?subject=Chocolate ">
Send chocolate stain info for Carol </A>

Thank you all for sending in your suggestions (for Lisa)
for removing black scuff marks from flooring. Your tips

Reader Lisa (from East Texas) asked:

   What's the best way to remove black scuff marks from
   flooring? Moved last week and the movers (or their dollies)
   left scuffs on the kitchen floor). I've tried 409, soap,
   and vinegar. Thanks!

Reader Emma shares:

   Removing black scuff marks from flooring will depend on
   the type of flooring you have. SOS pads work for me.
   If your floor is tile, believe it or not, put on your
   Tennis shoes and scuff the marks with the rubber soles.
   Works like magic! Good luck - also from East Texas.

Reader JEileen suggests:

   Try using the sole of a sneaker as an eraser on the
   scuff mark. It works.

Reader Lois advises:

   This might help... Black marks? Spray a little WD40
   on a towel, lightly rub and they disappear without
   scrubbing. Rinse thoroughly with sudsy water or the
   floor might be slick.

Reader Barbling shares:

   I use WD-40 to remove scuff marks. Just spray the mark,
   then wipe with a damp cloth. Should go right away.

Reader ESP agrees:

   Lisa, use WD-40, it will remove those scuff marks off
   your flooring... Then rinse.

Reader David tells us:

   Black scuff marks can be rapidly (!) removed with
   "Goo-Gone". Just apply enough on the tip of a Q-tip to
   dampen it well and rub onto and into stain... it's gone.
   Also works almost immediately to get black scuff marks
   off girl's white shoes (patent and regular leather).
   Works on clothes as well... Good luck.

Reader OneToe shares:

   Try toothpaste, not the gel kind...

Reader Eldorado suggests:

   Get new floor, or add more scuff marks to match,
   both will work for you, or go to local store and
   buy scuff away, and best way yet is to never clean
   floor and no one will be able to tell where scuff
   marks are at.

Reader Kay writes in:

   Spray it with wd40 and take paper towels and wipe
   it up.

Reader BJ advises:

   I have found that a plain old pencil eraser gets
   scuff marks off floors.

Reader Sherry tells us:

   This may sound funny, but it works for me. I wear
   sneakers (such as Nikes) with synthetic soles that
   look like white plastic to me. Stand on the mark
   with one foot and twist your foot while standing on
   it. It sort of works like an eraser.

   I am a nurse, and I frequently did this at work to
   the black marks the food and laundry carts made on
   the floors. It was a quick way to spruce up the floors
   for visitors. This works at home for me, too.

Reader Susan suggests:

   Spray a little WD40 on a towel, lightly rub and they
   disappear without scrubbing. Rinse thoroughly with
   sudsy water or the floor might be slick.

Reader Sandi shares:

   Lisa, for the scuff marks on your floor, just buy an
   art gum eraser at an office supply store. I found one
   at my local Big Kmart store with the back-to-school
   supplies. Just erase those marks away. Also works on
   crayon marks on walls. It's hard to believe, but it
   works. Good luck!

Reader Tony writes in:

   With ALL your tips, there is one that WILL WORK and
   it's cheap... plain old Coke, pour a can in the Jazz,
   let it sit overnight. If that doesn't do it, nothing

Readers John & Helen suggest:

   Try WD-40 on the black marks. Just spray on and wipe
   off with a paper towel. Works every time.

Reader Sarge shares:

   Lisa... The product that has worked for me in removing
   scuff marks from black rubber shoes, dollie-wheels, etc.,
   is Greased Lightening. Use it straight from the bottle
   with a bit of "elbow grease"; rinse and marks should be

Reader Linda (from Pennsylvania) tells us:

   The best way to remove black scuff marks is to use WD-40.
   Spray it directly on the scuff or dampen a small section
   of a paper towel. Use dry paper towels to remove all of
   the WD-40. This works for me every single time.

Reader Brenda advises:

   If the scuff marks are black on linoleum or tile, try
   using a pencil eraser, just erase them away. No chemical
   or damage.

Reader Donna tells us:

   Scuff marks come off easily with just a dry paper towel
   or an old sock. Do not wet the marks, it makes it more
   difficult to remove. I had the same problem, until I ran
   over the marks with my socks on & "poof" they were gone!
   Hope it works for you too!

Reader JDS suggests:

   White soled tennis shoes will act as an eraser on most
   black scuff marks.

Reader SPhibber writes in:

   Spray with WD-40 and use a paper towel with a little
   elbow grease and they come right off. This tip is
   actually listed right on the can!

   Be sure to follow this with a thorough cleaning of
   the area with some thing like Chinch or Formula 409
   since it will make the area slippery!

Reader SKFan tells us:

   The best thing for scuff marks is called Goo Gone...
   It can be gotten at Wal-Mart and can be used on soooo
   many things in addition to scuff marks. I had the same
   problem with the movers leaving marks all over my new
   kitchen floor and it took it up so quickly.

Reader Jean shares:

   Lisa might try WD-40 on those scuff marks. It was used
   at our laundromat for many years.

Reader Judy suggests:

   Hi, To remove scuff marks from your floor, put on a
   pair of tennis shoes and put some warm water on the
   floor. Put the toe of your tennis shoe in the water
   and then rub the toe of your shoe over the scuff mark.
   You have a big "eraser" as close as your tennis shoes.

Reader Kate advises:

   I've found brass cleaner effective for removing black
   marks. This tip was suggested to me for patent shoes,
   and no more black scuff marks. Take care.

Reader TennVolFan tells us:

   To remove black marks on floor, take a tennis shoe and
   rub the sole of it crossways on the mark (back and forth).
   It will take them right off.

Reader Ruby shares:

   Tell Lisa to use WD40 on her scuff marks. It will work
   every time. But try it in an inconspicuous place first.
   I have never had it harm the floor, but there is a first
   time for everything.

Reader Darlene writes in:

   Depending on the scuff, try alcohol but often a good
   old-fashioned eraser may work. I have also heard that
   the bottom of tennis shoes will take it off since it
   is also rubber; it should work like the eraser. If it
   is on hardwood, try rubbing Mayo on it. This also works.
   Good luck.

Reader Dotty advises:

   Buy a can of mineral spirits at the hardware store
   (costs about $4.00/gal). It has many uses. Dampen a soft
   cloth and just lightly rub and the scuff marks will
   disappear. I also use it to remove road tar from my car
   and the sticky residue left after removing a label from
   a plastic or glass container.

Reader Jenni tells us:

   I had great sucess using "Fantastic" spray cleaner!

Do you have a tip for Helga? Or a question for Helga?
<A HREF=" mailto:helg-@hotmail.com?subject=Tip for Helga ">
Send your question or tip to Helga </A>

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           **Pop Pop's Scavenger Hunt**
Pop Pop says he loves to hide things, but I think he just
forgets where he puts them! Each week between October 15th
and December 22nd, Pop Pop will post an item on the homepage
at http://grammyk.com Neighbors can "collect" items by going
to the homepage and clicking on the item. A link will give
you the "secret name" and next week's clue. Collect all
eleven secret names and send them to me at hu-@grammyk.com
no later than December 31, 2001 A Grand Prize drawing from
entries will be held in January 2002. Good Luck and happy hunting!
This week's clue: Grammy! Where my trick-or-treat bag!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ VOLUNTEER VITTLES ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~


Reader Jeanne shares:

                 SNICKERS SALAD

6 large red apples, unpeeled
6 large Snickers bars (or 1 pkg. bite size Snickers bars)
1 12 oz. Cool Whip

Cut apples and Snickers bars into bite size pieces.
Mix in Cool Whip
<A HREF=" mailto:volunteer-@hotmail.com?subject=Kids ">
Send your favorite kids' recipe to Cat </A>

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Sushi Bar?

Pass the Stuffing, Please!

Better Hog Slop?

Game Auditions

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ VOLUNTEER VITTLES ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

RECIPE: Unstuffed Cabbage for Crockpot

Reader JudyR (from Florida) shares:


1 small to medium head cabbage, shredded
1-2 pounds ground beef
1 large onion, sliced
salt and pepper
1 tsp garlic powder
dash hot sauce
1 cup rice, uncooked
28 ounce can crushed tomatoes
lemon juice to taste

Cover bottom of a large crockpot with cabbage. Layer
remaining ingredients in the order given. Cook on Low
for 8-10 hours... the longer the better.
<A HREF=" mailto:volunteer-@hotmail.com?subject=Recipe ">
Send your favorite recipe to Cat </A>

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FREE Ad-Swaps with quality e-zine publishers.
1 - 4 - 1 basis -- You publish mine once and I do the same.
No minimum requirement on # of subscribers.

Interested? Send your name, e-zine name, ad and/or website to:
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Request Ad Swap </A>

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Reader Jeanne shares:


Make the world your playground.

Whenever you miss the sandbox, cover it up. Dragging a
sock over it helps.

If you can't get your way, lay across the keyboard till
you do.

When you are hungry, meow loudly so they feed you just
to shut you up.

Always find a good patch of sun to nap in. Nap often.

When in trouble, just purr and look cute.

Life is hard, and then you nap.

Curiosity never killed anything except maybe a few hours.

When in doubt, cop an attitude.

Variety is the spice of life. One day, ignore people;
the next day, annoy them, and play with them when they're

Climb your way to the top; that's why the curtains are

Make your mark in the world, or at least spray in each

Always give generously; a bird or rodent left on the bed
tells them, "I care".

[Editor's note: If you haven't given Jeanne's e-zine
"Just Jeanne" a try, you're missing lots of goodies!]
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to serve to your pet, not a recipe to cook your pet)?
We'd love to hear it!
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Send your favorite pet story or recipe to Cat </A>

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Crank Letters, Cartoons, Press Corps reports and News satire.
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RECIPE: Ambrosia (for Lorraine)

Reader Shirley (from Kansas) shares:

Here is the recipe I have for Ambrosia. It does not
have grapes, but I don't see why they couldn't be added
with the other ingredients.


1 cup mandarin oranges, drained
1 cup pineapple chunks, drained
1 cup whipped cream or whipped cream substitute or sour cream
1 cup mini marshmallows
1 cup coconut

Mix all ingredients together and refrigerate for 1-2 hours.
Stir and serve.
<A HREF=" mailto:volunteer-@hotmail.com?subject=Recipe ">
Send your favorite recipe to Cat </A>

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Reader Raven tells us:

   Dear Cat, H-man and I have been busy and have just
   finished our Children's Halloween Webpage. It is
   linked to my other Halloween pages at Raven's Garden


Reader Jessie shares:

   Free On-Line Craft Projects

Reader Myron recommends:

   Greek Food: A Complete Guide

Reader Ruth sent in:

   A list of all the free tips hints and ideas by Tipkin

Do you have a favorite cooking, household tips, or
craft web site (maybe your own)?
Please share it...
<A HREF=" mailto:volunteer-@hotmail.com?subject=Site ">
Send your favorite web site to Cat </A>

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Reader Ruth shares:

                  TO MY CHILDREN

When I spill some food on my nice clean dress
Or maybe forget to tie my shoes,
Please be patient and perhaps reminisce
About the many hours I spent with you,
When I taught you how to eat with care,
Plus tying laces and your numbers too,
Dressing yourself and combing your hair.
Those were precious hours spent with you,
So when I forget what I was about to say,
Just give me a minute.....or maybe two,
It probably wasn't important anyway,
And I would much rather listen just to you.
If I tell the story one more time,
And you know the ending through and through,
Please remember your first nursery rhyme
When I rehearsed it a hundred times with you.
When my legs are tired and it's hard to stand,
Or walk the steady path that I would like to do,
Please take me carefully by the hand,
And guide me now as I often did for you.

--Author Unknown

Do you have a favorite humor or inspirational story?
We'd LOVE to hear it!
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Send your story to Cat </A>

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RECIPE: Rhubarb Fruit Leather

Reader April shares (for Rusty):


First, you make the Rhubarb Puree: Wash and cut into
small 1/2 inch pieces about 1 quart of rhubarb. Put
1/4 c water in saucepan and add rhubarb. Cook only
until it starts to soften. Let cool slightly; put in
blender and make into puree. It should make about 2 c
puree. (2 tbl. honey can be added if desired to puree.)

Now comes the Drying Process: Line a cookie sheet with
plastic wrap. A 12" by 17" cookie sheet holds approx.
2 cups puree. Spread puree evenly about 1/4 - 1/8" thick
over plastic, but DO NOT push it completely to the sides.
Leave a bit of plastic showing for easy removal.

You choose the method of drying fruit leather that will
work best for you (oven-dry or food dehydrator). I use
Oven-Dry: Set oven to 140F. Use an oven thermometer because
if heat is too high it will disintegrate plastic! Leave
oven door ajar so moisture can escape. It takes about 6 hours
for fruit leather to dry in oven, but always test for dryness.
Sugar holds water, and fruit with a lot of sugar, esp. if sugar
has been added, may take longer to dry. To make sure it's
completely dry, try to pull leather from plastic wrap. If it
peels from plastic and holds it shape, it's dry.

To store, roll fruit leather in plastic wrap and store in an
airtight container such as a glass jar with a lid. Stores for
4 months to a year.
<A HREF=" mailto:volunteer-@hotmail.com?subject=Recipe ">
Send your favorite recipe to Cat </A>

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ VOLUNTEER VITTLES ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~


Thank you all for sending in your recipes, requests,
tips, and comments! We appreciate it.

Reader Jeanne tells us (for Lawrie):

   Please tell Lawrie from Kent, England that zucchinis
   are what the English call either courgettes or marrows.
   I don't believe Preen is exported outside of America.
   I am sure if he goes to a local garden centre and tells
   them what his problem is, they can sell him a locally
   made product to take care of it.

   Hope this helps...

Reader Billie shares a nutritional information web
site (for Nancy):

   Nancy, I use a wonderful site at Dietwatch.com
   They have a lot of other great info and resources there

Reader Wanda writes in (also for Nancy):

   Hi this is for Nancy. The website is called
   "www.allrecipes.com". I go to this website often.
   It has a very large variety of recipes and at the
   end of each recipe, it contains "Nutrition at a
   Glance." But further down, she can click on
   "Detailed Nutrition" and the values are given in
   further details.

   Another website for Nancy that gives nutritional
   facts on each recipe is "recipezaar.com".

   Hope this helps...

Reader Ruby suggests (for Nancy):

   Here is a web site with nutritional values for Nancy.


   This might be a help for Nancy, too:


Reader Wendy shares (for Nancy):

   Hi Nancy. A great website you can try is:


   I go there quite a bit, and have just completed a
   diabetic cookbook for my brother-in-law, who also has
   diabetes. I use the recipes myself as I am trying to
   lose weight. Hope this helps!!

Reader Wanda writes in for Dusty:

   Hi Dusty. Try "recipezaar.com". I went in there and
   did a search for Rhubarb Fruit Leather and it came up
   with 161 recipes!! I'm pretty sure you'll find one
   you'll like.

Reader Tillie shares:

   Thanks so much for the idea of "Meatloaf Cupcakes".
   I made them tonight and they were a hit with the 9-12
   year olds. My 15-year old would not even look at them,
   though. (HIS loss!)

   Here's my tip -- use the paper baking cups for easy
   clean-up, but use TWO for each meat loaf muffin.
   Delish and very cute!

Do you have a comment or question? We'd love to hear from you!
<A HREF=" mailto:volunteer-@hotmail.com?subject=Editor ">
Send comments to the editor! </A>

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See you soon with the latest yummy and delectable
culinary treats and... more reader contributions,
suggestions, and questions... Thank you all!

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