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Urgent Action for Victims of Abepura Incident received from
John Rumbiak
 Mar 17, 2006 14:57 PST 

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Geneva, 17 March 2006

Mr Manfred Nowak, Special Rapporteur on Torture,

c/o Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights,

United Nations Office at Geneva, CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland

Urgent Appeal: Risk of torture to Selpius Bobii and 56 other people in West
Papua, Indonesia

Dear Prof. Nowak,

We would like to urge you to act on an emergency situation taking place now
in the Province of Papua (hereafter West Papua), Indonesia. Without
question, this situation is the most volatile and dangerous to threaten the
human rights of Papuan people in at least five years.

Since 22 February 2006, there have been a series of protests organised by
civil society groups, including students, demanding the closure of the
Freeport McMoran operations, consisting of the world's largest gold and
copper mine, located in Timika, West Papua, Indonesia. The local community
argue that they do not enjoy benefits of the revenue from its operations,
which have been carried out since 1967. Moreover, the people have suffered
from the ongoing human rights abuses committed by the Indonesian security
forces that serve also as security for the company.

Since the government and the company have not made attempts to engage in
serious dialogue with protestors, approximately 1000 students in Jayapura
organised a big peaceful demonstration in Abepura, 20 km. from Jayapura
(the capital of the province) from 15-16 March 2006. The protest was open
to all concerned. These protesters blocked the main road of Jayapura so as
to attract the attention of the government and the Freeport McMoran.

Instead of being offered a peaceful negotiation, the protesters met with
police who instructed them to clear the roads, deploying water cannon and
armoured vehicles. As a response, the protesters threw missiles and stones,
bottles and pieces of wood at the police. This violent clash resulted in
casualties as listed in Appendix 2.

The police subsequently arrested at least 57 people including Selvius Bobii
(the coordinator of the protest) and denied access to lawyers for these
detainees. Having learnt from the practice of torture committed by the
Indonesian police (e.g. the report of Special Rapporteur on torture
E/CN.4/2003/66/Add1. para 654) and the report of the Special Rapporteur on
Extrajudicial Killings E/CN.4/2003/3/Add 1 para 313), we are extremely
concerned for the safety of these detainees and view them to be at serious
risk of torture by Indonesian security services.

On 16 March 2006 in the evening, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
delivered a press statement condemning the incident and ordered the
Indonesian security services to restore law and order. He also emphasised
that the mining operation of Freeport McMoran will not be closed since such
a decision will jeopardise the investment climate in Indonesia as well as
the national economy. The demands of the Papuan people were not met and no
known invitation to peaceful dialogue was made.

Therefore, we appeal to you to send an urgent appeal to the Indonesian
government to:

1.      Provide unrestricted and fair access to lawyers and independent
monitors for all detainees;

2.      Provide unrestricted and fair access to all journalists to monitor
the situation including the situation of the victims;

3.      Allow all human rights workers to investigate the incident of 15-16

4.      Restrain the police and BRIMOB from using torture and
indiscriminately arresting and detaining individuals.

5.      Franciscans International and the Office for Justice and Peace of
the Catholic Diocese of Jayapura will continue to support the Special
Rapporteur on Torture's 13-year long, consistent request for an invitation
to Indonesia (E/CN.4/2006/6)

6.      Please do not hesitate to call Br. Budi Hernawan, OFM if you have
further questions at the Franciscans International office in Geneva +41 22
919 40 10.

Thank you in advance for your kind attention.


John Quigley, OFM

Budi Hernawan, OFM, Executive Director, Director, Franciscans
International, Office for Justice and Peace,

Catholic Diocese of Jayapura

Appendix 1

Summary of the incident

Name: Selpius Bobii and 57 detainees

Date: 16 March 2006

Place: the police custody of Jayapura. Situation: denied access to lawyers
and journalists

Identity: Selpius Bobii Gender: male, Age: 27 Nationality: Indonesian
Occupation: student at the Catholic Theological College, Fajar Timur,
Jayapura. Activities: student activist. Residential address: Jalan Sosiri,
Abepura, Jayapura, Papua, Indonesia.

At the same time, there are 57 people arrested and detained in the Jayapura
Police Custoty and we do not have access to identify them.

Background: During the protest demanding the closure of the Freeport
McMoran company on 15-16 March 2006 in Abepura (20 km from Jayapura, the
capital of the province of Papua, INDONESIA), he was the coordinator of the
protesters. The protest turned into a violent clash and he was taken by the
police to the custody in Jayapura along with 40 people under unclear
condition and restricted access to lawyers.

Appendix 2 : List of casualties

Killed: (police and air force)

Briptu Pol Arizona Horota (Special Mobile Police Brigade of Papua/ BRIMOB)

Briptu Pol Syamsudin (Special Mobile Police Brigade of Papua/ BRIMOB)

Bharatu Daud Soeleman (from Anti-Riot Unit of the Jayapura Police)

Serda Agus Supriyadi (Intelligence of Air Force)

Wounded: (police)

1.AKP Kupan Purba from Special Mobile Police Brigade of Papua/ BRIMOB

2. Briptu M Hadi from Anti-Riot Unit of the Jayapura Police.

3. Briptu Rubiono from Special Mobile Police Brigade of Papua/ BRIMOB

4.Briptu Syahrir W dari Special Mobile Police Brigade of Papua/ BRIMOB

5.Briptu Juhat Eko from Special Mobile Police Brigade of Papua/ BRIMOB

6.Briptu Leo Takdale from Special Mobile Police Brigade of Papua/ BRIMOB

7. Bripda Ali Rusdin from Anti-Riot Unit of the Jayapura Police

8. Bripda Randi Ray Romanov from Anti-Riot Unit of the Jayapura Police

9. Bripda Habel Pataba from Anti-Riot Unit of the Jayapura Police.

       Civilians that were being treated in the DIAN HARAPAN Catholic
Hospital in Waena, Jayapura:

1.Etinus Kulla (male, 21) university student: wounded

2.Obatius Wanimbo (male, 32) student of \ldblquote Cenderewasih State
University: severely wounded of gun shot.

3.Cunding Levi (male), a journalist of TEMPO magazine: wounded, beaten by
the masses

4.Ishak Ulmami (male, 32) universtiy student: shot in his left hip.

5.John Giyai (male) university student: shot in his back

6. Hermanus Maiseny (male), high school student: shot in his cheek (in
critical condition)

7. Glen Mahulete (male, 5) a child: severely wounded in his knees
(hospitalised). 8. Killion Somou (male, 21) university student: wounded in
his right hip (severely wounded).

9.Djie Makanuay (male, 30) university student: wounded in his right hip
(severely wounded).

10.Yuvenus Tekege (male, 21) university student: wounded in his left
shoulder (severely wounded).

11.Saud Marpaung (male), a local photographer: wounded in his head.

12.Cahyo (male), a journalist of KOMPAS national daily, beaten by the police

List of casualities treated in the Dok II State Hospital of Jayapura

1.      Amandus (male, 27), civilian

2.      Erick (male, 20) civilian

3.      Abraham Bemey (male, 24), civilian

4.      Markus Ningdana (male, 42), civilian

5.      Alex Candra Wajangkon (male, 20) civilian

6.      Michael L (male, 19) civilian

7.      Philips S Kamar (male, 40) civilian

8.      Widi Kogoya (male, 21) civilian

9.      Melky Komboy (male, 33) civilian

10. Alex Wayangkau (male, 21) civilian

11. Imanuel Ronsumbre (male, 21) civilian\par

12. Abdul Muis, Police of Jayapura

TAPOL, the Indonesia Human Rights Campaign
111 Northwood Road, Thornton Heath, Croydon CR7 8HW, UK.
tel +44 (0)20 8771 2904 fax +44 (0)20 8653 0322
tap-@gn.apc.org http://tapol.gn.apc.org

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