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DAP Awaits Response from Central Govt. Also, Governor threats
to sue
 Aug 17, 2005 08:14 PDT 

Monday, 15 August 2005

DAP Awaits Response from Central Government
It plans to formulate follow-up actions and refutes allegations of secret

In a press conference in Jayapura on 14 August, the Dewan Adat Papua (DAP),
said that its 12 August action was simply expressing the aspirations of the
Papuan people, with no hidden political agenda to influence the local
election for governor or the conflict between the province of Papua and
West Irian Jaya.

This was one of five points made by Fadal AL Hamid head of the Tribal
Government Dept of DAP.

He said DAP would monitor the response of the central government and the
seriousness with which it handles the question of handing back Special
Autonomy. DAP will soon formulate measures it plans to take as a follow-up
of its demands.

This was announced by secretary-general of DAP Leonard J. Imbiri.

He also presented five points from the organisation, as follows:

Firstly, the action was taken in implementation of a decision adopted by
adat communities at the IIIrd congress of DAP held from 31 Jan - 4 February

Secondly, there was no hidden political agenda to undermine anyone's
position in the forthcoming local elections and relating to the conflict
between Papua and the West Irian Jaya province.

Thirdly, the communique should be read and studied in its entirety as a
single, cohesive document.

Fourthly, all sides were urged to exercise restraint and avoid getting
involved in political manoeuvres which would only undermine the agenda of
the adat community as presented in the communique.

DAP also wished to express thanks to all sides in connection with the
action taken on 12 August. This includes all adat communities which took
part in the action and made sure that it would proceed peacefully, members
of the police, members and leaders of the DPRP, officers and men of the
armed forces, the leaders and staff of adat villages, Women's Solidarity
and the Papuan Women's Alliance, students and youth, religious leaders, all
elements of the media and all the traditional people who took part.


Governor J.P. Salossa has been widely quoted as being infuriated by point 4
in DAP's six demands, which refers to him by name in relation to its
request to the central government for permission to lay charges regarding
the misuse of money allocated for Special Autonomy. He has announced that
he intends to file a complaint against DAP for defamation.

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