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List Name Women of Scripture (WOS)
Purpose: An indepth look at the Women of the Bible.
A bible study that will enlighten your thinking about the most important aspect of being a woman.
These women were beautiful, mystifying, strong, intelligent, religious, and yes, some rebellious.
Some were hardly fit to be called , 'woman' ...in the eyes of many. But, our Father..however looked at their lives with understanding, compassion, love, and a forgiving heart. These particular 'Women' that will be the topics in these studies were precisely picked by Jesus . God seemedto feel like their stories had a purpose...as everything with does with God :)

This study will deepen your understanding of scripture ; help you to learn to wait on God's timing, and help you to understand the circumstances behind the scenes of the 'why's' of these 'God chosen women'.

Looking at the 'whys' in history...we will begin to see the answers with 'fresh eyes'.

The cast of characters is long and colorful ,
including women young and old, married, and single...their cultures are all somewhat different, but then so is ours.

We live in a modern day tradition, but in reality...we are made from the same cloth!

This study has been in progress for several months, with a short intermission.This email group is being developed because there are those that get lost in the world of the 'Message Boards'. So, we need to enhance the study with the ease of navigation. This is a simply way!
We woman always need to express our thoughts and ask our questions.... Would you like to join us?
You may post or just look and listen! The choice is yours. Although...we would like you to take part!
I take one woman a week. I post usually everyday, on a specific topic about the 'woman ' for the that week. There are times when that isn't possible. I will then post as I can.

The really good thing about this is that whenever you decide to pop in and out....you can always go to the Message Board and catch up...as well as
a new Woman being study at the beginning of each week!

The Message Board is located here:

Questions...please drop me a line or post to the board! We would love to have you.

Men are welcome if they are interested in Bible Study.

This is a Christian Group, however....I am always interested in other religions and their customs.
If there are other religious denominations that join , please be open to a discussion forum that is for learning not critizing cultures.

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Executive Director
sdc/Executive Director
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Created: May 11, 2000
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