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TOWFI NOE No. 4  Melanie Crowley
 May 13, 2003 22:50 PDT 

Take Our Word For It NOE No. 4

For Mac users who have trouble with our regular homepage:


This is another NOE week (no new TOWFI until next week). For you new
readers, NOE stands for "newsletter-only etymology". Only subscribers to
this newsletter get NOEs. They are not published on the web site and
are not available anywhere else - yet another reason to subscribe to
this newsletter!

**This Week's NOE**

Reminder: we are now publishing TOWFI bi-weekly, so every other week we
will send you a NOE to tide you over to the next issue of TOWFI. This
is a NOE week.

Did you know that "dairy" is related to "dough" and even "lady"? Some
of you may recall that "lady" is, etymologically, the "loaf kneader"
(the one who makes the bread), from hlaef "loaf" and *dig- "knead"
(related to English "dough"). Interestingly, "dairy" derives from daege
"kneader of bread" (which implied "female"), an Old English word that
comes from the same source as *dig-: *dheigh-. "Daege" became "deie" or
"daye" in Middle English, and the meaning shifted to "female servant",
then "female farm servant", and finally "dairy maid" (the
person in charge of keeping the milk and churning cream into butter).
The place where the dairy maid worked came to be known as the deieri or
dayerie. This word dates from the 13th century.

**Web Cam**

Our web cam computer is being ornery, so we haven't had the cam on much
recently. We have it set, however, so that you can view it (when it is
on) without us giving permission each time, though apparently some of
you are being told (by the Yahoo! software) that you need permission.
We'll see if we can fix that.


A generous TOWFI reader has donated some wonderful prizes for us to give
to the top donors in a fundraiser that will start during the first half
of June. Stay tuned! You could win one!

TOWFI needs your help to keep going! We need to cover the costs of our
web hosting and internet access, if possible, not to mention $20 a month
in prizes for Laughing Stock and other expenses. You will be able to
make a monthly payment for donations (e.g., if you donate $120, that's
just $10 a month for a year, and PayPal will automatically charge your
credit card each month; all you have to do is sign up for a monthly
donation (more details when we start the fundraiser) and then sit back
and enjoy TOWFI. PayPal accepts international payments, too, so if you
feel generous but live in the U.K. or Australia (still not sure about
Jamaica!), no worries!).

**Laughing Stock**

We are behind on Laughing Stock prizes. If your submission was used in
Laughing Stock but you haven't received your Amazon.com gift
certificate, drop us a line. We'll also be going through our records to
make sure we get caught up and don't miss anyone.

**Next Issue**

We'll be back next week with a new issue of TOWFI and a NOE.

Until next time,
Take Our Word For It!
Melanie and Mike

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