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Take Our Word For It NOE No. 7  Melanie Crowley
 Jun 26, 2003 22:14 PDT 

Take Our Word For It NOE No. 7

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It's a NOE (Newsletter-Only Etymology) week.

**The Fundraiser**

Well, we may have been a bit too optimistic about our fundraiser. We
based our expectations on the generosity we'd experienced up to now, as
well as the traffic to the site (over 2,000 hits per day), and we based
our need on the fact that Mike was still jobless. We still have six
copies of "Derivation" to give away and a full day of work from
McNeill-Lynner Webworks to auction off. Didn't get even a nibble
(though we did get two donations of $25 from dear readers who simply
could not afford to give more. Thank you -- we hope you know who you
are!). Right before the fundraiser began, we received a $100 donation.
Thank you to you, too!

We thought it might help to give you a glimpse of the expenses involved
in running TOWFI.

Web hosting is $50 a month. Internet access is $39 a month. We
estimate upkeep of our etymological/language library at about
$200-$250 a year (though we are working on receiving more review copies
of new books). Computer and software updates run probably $250 per year
on average. Total all of that up and you get $1560 a year (and we've
been doing this for many years!). And that total doesn't even include
our time and effort or the $10 prizes we give twice a month for Laughing
Stock ($250 per year now (it was twice that until recently)).

So far this year we have received $579 (thanks to all who have donated
so far!), plus the $50 we received during this fundraiser. That's about
a third of our costs.

Mike did just get a job after diligent searching and submitting his
resume everywhere he could for a year and a half, so we are
not quite as in need of help as we were, but every little bit DOES help.

The "Derivation" games that Brad Chase and Entspire donated (thanks,
Brad!!) sell for $29.99 each on Amazon.com. Let's try this:

the first six readers to donate $75 or more will get a copy of
Derivation, starting when you receive this newsletter and ending when
we run out of games. And if anyone would like to bid on the
McNeill-Lynner Webworks offer, please let us know. Keep in mind that
it is a $450 value. We will mention the donation competition each week
in this newsletter until such time as all the games are gone. We will
re-open the M-L Webworks auction if we receive a note of interest from
any of you.

**This Week's NOE**

Reminder: we are now publishing TOWFI bi-weekly, so every other week we
will send you a NOE to tide you over to the next issue of TOWFI. This
is a NOE week.

When one dismounts a horse, is he etymologically climbing down a
mountain? The short answer is yes. The noun mount (now heard only
in place and geographical names) entered Old English from Latin mons
"mountain". The verb form came to English in the 14th century
from Old French "munter", which also derived ultimately from the Latin
mons. English mountain first turned up in the 13th century, coming from
Old French montaigne, which itself came from Latin montanea
(hypothetical), an adjective formed from mons. And the ultimate source
of the Latin word? It is thought to derive from the Indo-European root
*min- "jut" (according to John Ayto). Calvert Watkins gives the
Indo-European root as *men- "to project", and suggests that English
mouth comes from the same source (the mouth being part of the jaw, which
projects from the face). The use of mount to refer to getting on a
horse's back dates from the early 16th century.

**Laughing Stock**

Send us your funny stuff. If your entry is used in TOWFI, you'll get a
$10 gift certificate to Amazon.com. Eventually.

**Next Issue**

We'll be back next week with a new issue of TOWFI and a NOE.

Until next time,
Take Our Word For It!
Melanie and Mike

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