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(no subject)  Melanie Crowley
 Aug 12, 2003 22:55 PDT 

Take Our Word For It Issue 189

For Mac users who have trouble with our regular homepage:


Our computers are working, we're relatively healthy, and all is right
with the world. For now.

**Changes to the Site**

Google has a new program that sounded like a potential fundraiser for
TOWFI, so we are experimenting with it. On the main pages
(http://www.takeourword.com/index.html and
http://www.takeourword.com/indexmac.html) you will see a column of 4 or
so text ads on the left side of the page (we used to have an Amazon.com
box there). These are supposed to be targeted to match the content of
our site. If you see something interesting, click on it to check it
out, as we are paid by the clickthrough.

Please also note that we have taken the LinkExchange box from the bottom
of index.html (we had removed it from indexmac.html as it caused some
Macs to crash). Mac users, let us know if you have any difficulty with
the new indexmac.html.

**This Week's Issue**

NOTE: The links in this newsletter are good for August 12-August 26
(the next issue of the webzine will be delayed as Melanie will be out of

In Spotlight, we present "England", where we discuss English place-names

In Words to the Wise, we bring you the following words/phrases:

pit (noun and verb)


no holds barred


In Curmudgeons' Corner Guestmudgeon Derek Jensen is a potentially
dangerous pedant

In Sez You... we hear more about daddy and mama (in Greek, no less), the
Swedish perspective on "stepmother", California place-names, Wade-Giles
and pin yin, golliwog, Russian and English, loss of the subjunctive, and
aspirin corrections and additions.

In Laughing Stock we bring you a headline from the Associated Press
(when the reader who submitted this went back to look for the article
shortly after taking the screenshot, she could no longer find it.
Wonder why!):

**Newsletter-Only Etymology**

We talk about "slang" sometimes here at TOWI Towers. Where does the
word itself come from? It is first recorded in the 18th century with
various meanings, like "cant", "nonsense", and even in verb form meaning
"defraud". Today "cant" is the remaining sense. While the word's exact
origins are not known, it is thought to be related to a dialectical
Norwegian term "sleng-" "offensive language". This connection is
supported by the fact that "slang" was at one time used as a verb to
mean "abuse".

**Laughing Stock**

Please send us funny clippings or photos (text is fine, too) for use in
Laughing Stock and if we use yours, you'll get an Amazon.com gift
certificate for $10! Sally DeFord won this week's gift certificate and
asked that we keep it to help TOWFI. Last week's winner did the same
(Eric Zimmerman). Thanks to you and all who have done likewise! (We're
slowly getting your names added to the donors' page.)


There are still two copies of the word game Derivation left. They will
go to the next two donors who give $75 or more. Thanks to those who
have donated!

**Curmudgeons' Corner**

Don't stop being curmudgeonly! Send in your complaints!

**Next Issue**

Melanie will be out of town next week, so we'll have a NOE on August
26th and a new issue on either September 2 or September 9 (August
30-September 1 is a holiday here in the U.S., so we may not be able to
get the page published on September 2. We'll play it by ear.)

Until next time,
Take Our Word For It!
Melanie and Mike

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