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Take Our Word For It  Melanie Crowley
 Sep 09, 2003 22:26 PDT 

**Take Our Word For It New Issue This Week!**

Issue 190 of TOWFI *will* be published this week. We are taking a
little extra time because one of our erudite readers forwarded us one of
those e-mails that purport to give neat and amazing explanations for the
origins of certain words and phrases, and we just LOVE debunking those.

Look for the new issue on Thursday of this week.

**TOWFI Mail Servers Clogged with Viruses and Spam**

We are doing our best to find the real e-mail from readers among the
thorns from malicious parties who are fraudulently using the
takeourword.com domain name as their return address when sending out
spam and viruses. This means that our servers are clogged with replies
from the poor folks who get infected with the viruses, and also with
automated replies from mailservers thoughtfully telling us that there is
no such user at their domain (apparently the infectors/spammers are
using OLD and no longer accurate e-mail addresses. Cheap!). So if you
write us with something that merits a reply and you do not hear from us,
it could be that your message was inadverently deleted by us or our
filters. We apologize if this seems to have happened to you.

To increase the odds that your message gets read, please include "TOWFI"
in the subject line (e.g., "TOWFI: Laughing Stock Submission"). Also be
sure to go to our ASK US page and send any word queries from there.

Until Thursday,

Melanie and Mike
Take Our Word For It
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