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Take Our Word For It Issue 185 Addendum  Melanie Crowley
 Jun 04, 2003 22:20 PDT 

Take Our Word For It Issue 185 ADDENDUM

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As promised, a review of "Derivation"

**Newsletter-Only Review**

The creator of the game "Derivation" was kind enough to send us a review
copy. As it suggests 4 to 10 players, we got a group of friends
together last weekend and had a go.

The learning curve on the game is a little longer than most similar
games -- the back of the box suggests "you'll be up to speed in no time,
about 10 or 15 minutes", and that was about right. After the first
round we had the game pretty much figured out and could move at an
entertaining pace. The instructions are clear and concise and were easy
to refer to as we moved along. It was helpful to designate one player
as "referee". She had the directions in hand and told us what to do the
first round or two.

The object of the game is to spell out "Derivation" by winning "letter"
cards. Each time someone wins a round (multiple players can win a
round), he and/or she picks a letter card. In order to get the right
cards to spell "Derivation", players can swap cards with other players
at certain times during the game.

This game has elements of several different radio, tv, and party games.
You may have to act out a phrase in "Charades" fashion, draw it in
"Pictionary" style, describe it without using any of the words in it
(similar to the television gameshow "Password"), or fool other players
with invented etymologies (somewhat like what the National Public Radio
gameshow "Sez You" does with word definitions). If you are familiar
with and enjoy any of those games, you should enjoy "Derivation".

Some examples of the phrases that players have to act, draw, or describe

"Pot calling the kettle black", "pull a fast one" (act or draw)
"Doesn't mince words", "doesn't know beans" (describe verbally).

Some of the words, phrases or symbols whose origins players must provide
(the origins may be real or made up by the player) are

the prescription symbol (Rx)
the peace symbol
the word "monk"
the word "libel"
the nickname for New Orleans, "The Big Easy"
the name "Quakers".

The true origin of the word, phrase or symbol is provided, as well, so
even if no one knows the true origin, all will learn it by the end of
that play.

"Derivation" is an entertaining combination of several kinds of games.
The variety keeps things moving and also keeps people guessing. The
fact that the game deals partly with word origins is icing on the cake.


HINT: If you are feeling generous AND want a copy of "Derivation", wait
until our fundraiser begins next week.

Until next time,
Take Our Word For It!
Melanie and Mike

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