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Take Our Word For It Issue 138  Melanie Crowley
 Oct 24, 2001 22:55 PDT 
Take Our Word For It Issue 138

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**This Week's Issue**

In Spotlight, we look further into wl- words (it may be published a few
minutes after this newsletter is sent)

In Words to the Wise,we examine the following:




and midnight oil
http://www.takeourword.com/page2.html#midnight oil

In Curmudgeons' Corner a guestmudgeon complains adverbially

In Sez You... we hear from readers about bonzer's German counterpart; a
proud curmudgeon; re-spelling renege; corrected problems; spell-checker
verse; wl- words; more "doggie dog" errors; and bonzer in Cantonese.

In Laughing Stock we ask, "Well, which is it?"

**Newsletter-Only Etymology (NOE)**

From Maria Sortino:

I am an ESL teacher. I cannot find the origin of "pet peeve". Can you

Certainly. This one is short and sweet. The OED indicates that the
first written occurrence of the phrase is from 1945, but as we have
found, the OED, arbiter of English that it is, still misses the mark now
and again with American words and phrases, so there may be earlier
occurrences of it. Anyhow, it is simply formed from "peeve", a word of
U.S. origin from about 1911 which means "a grumble, a cause of
irritation". "Pet" in this sense is an adjective which is "used to
describe something for which one has a particular fondness". It is used
jocularly in "pet peeve", which means "a special or recurring source of

"Peeve", by the way, was back-formed from "peevish".

**Laughing Stock**

We encourage you to send us funny clippings or e-mails that you run
across, because if we use yours in Laughing Stock, you will win a $10
gift certificate to Amazon.com! This week's issue of TOWFI contains a
winning entry in Laughing Stock. Thanks to Traci Marcroft!


We've been remiss in updating our donations page with names of all of
our generous readers, but we have updated it now (after a kind nudge by
one of the donors!). Have a look! If you have donated but your name is
missing, please let us know.

Until next time,
Take Our Word For It!
Melanie and Mike

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