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List Name Altered Realities (AR)
Purpose: Welcome to Lakeview! This small American town is home to a wide variety of eccentric characters. Recently--starting about three weeks ago--a large influx of people from varying fantasy worlds have begun pouring into Lakeview.
You, too, can jo9in them...Come visit the home of Don Bruce, the fairy godfather. Chat with Officer Bernard Phyfe of the city police. Learn of the famous deeds of Scrag, the half-ogre paladin, and his mate, Tamar. Or create some misdeeds of your own.
This is a freeform play by email role playing game...There is no game master, as such, but it is more of a creative writing list. Email illandaria@mailbreak.com for mor information, and read the welcome message, which contains the rules of the list as well as a character sheet.
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Created: Jan 31, 2001
Owners: B., Shannon, Mark Orr, Donna Royston, Owner 5
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