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Kenwood TM-G707 dual band xcvr and many other Kenwood items FS  W8-@speakeasy.net
 Mar 17, 2007 05:42 PST 

Kenwood TM G707 A dual band FM transceiver for sale:

The G707 is a very sophisticated dual band rig. It covers
both the 2 meter and 440 MHz bands (plus receives outside
the ham bands, so it is useful for weather frequencies, etc.),
and has three power levels, of about 50, 20, or 5 watts. It
has almost 200 memories, so you won't run out! Of course
subaudible tones, and scan features are included, as is a
cross band repeater (this means you can transmit on one
band and receive on the other at the same time). To put it
another way, this radio will do about anything one can think
of, and probably a whole lot more. It also features a very
large LCD display with a nice amber color back light. It is
also possible to separate the main unit from the "control
head" for remote mounting.

This particular rig has had almost no use. It is in its original
box, with manual, mobile bracket, microphone, power cord,
and even the little bag of screws and extra fuse that it came
with originally. There is not a scratch on the rig, and everything
works 100%. It is a really terrific rig!   $195

Other Kenwood items:

Accessory items for Kenwood TR-2400 HTs

Kenwood SMC-24 speaker microphone
Fits Kenwood TR-2400 HT and others. This one looks fine
and works fine. $18

Belt clip for TR-2400 HT, complete with hardware - $8

Wrist strap - I think it fits most Kenwood (and likely
other) HTs - $4

Battery charge cable for Kenwood TR-2400 HT
To charge battery outside of HT; uses original
charger. It is in good shape, and works fine. $3

Antenna adapter to fit the BNC connector on the HT and
provide an SO-239 connector that will permit a PL-259 to
be attached. This can be used with any HT that has a BNC
connector. $5

Original Operators manual for Kenwood TR-2400 - $15

Accessory items for Kenwood TW-4000 For Sale:

Kenwood TU-4 C
Subaudible (PL) encoder for Kenwood TW-4000
This unit provides separate tones for the VHF (2 m) portion
and the UHF (440 MHz) portion. With paper work, hardware,
etc. $55

Kenwood MC-48, touchtone (DTMF) microphone.
Round, 8 pin connector, will go with any Kenwood rig
taking this kind of connector. Has UP and DOWN
switches, along with 16 digit touchtone pad. It is often
used on 2 m / 440 MHz rigs that do not have touchtone
built in, but can also be used on HF rigs on 10 m
FM. It works fine and looks great also. $ 55

Original Operators manual for Kenwood TW-4000 $15

Kenwood MJ-68 microphone connector adapter
Converts a round 6 pin Kenwood mic connector, so it can
be plugged into a Kenwood rig with the round 8 pin
connector. Like new. $20

Accessory items for Kenwood TH-21 / 31 / 41 series HTs:

Kenwood TU-6 PL encoder
Produces subaudible tones. With paper work. $30

Kenwood PB-21 battery pack for TH-21/31/41 series HTs
This battery pack does not hold a charge well. Physically it is
fine, but it needs a new "insert". $12

PB-21 H
As above, but heavy duty pack; needs insert. $14

Wrist strap - fits most Kenwood HTs $4

Kenwood SMC-30 speaker microphone
Fits the TH-21/31/41 series of HTs, plus some others. $18

Original Operating manual for TH-41A/BT/E, TH-31A/BT, TH-21A/BT/E
HTs for 440 MHz, 220 MHz and 2 meters $10

Special Rubber Duck antennas for Kenwood TH-21 series
2 meter HTs with the threaded connector
Aftermarket stubby, 3.3 inches long $10
Kenwood RA-6 regular, 6.6 inches long $10
Combo set of long 11.5 inch "gain" antenna and 4 inch stubby $22

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
E-mail to W8-@speakeasy.net or W8-@arrl.net
Voice Phone (352) 732-8400
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