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Delicious Ayurvedic cuisines to relieve chronic diseases  Jiva Ayurveda
 Mar 30, 2005 19:53 PST 

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Volume 5: Issue 2 HYPERLINK

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Dr Partap Chauhan

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\nHealing chronic diseases
Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases and Mental Stress are becoming
epidemic all over the world including developed countries. Governments
are spending huge amounts of money in research and development methods
to control the spread of these diseases, but the results are not very
encouraging. HYPERLINK

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adefest" \nJiva stall wins second prize in Faridabad Tradefest
Jiva’s stall won the second prize in the recently concluded week-long
“Faridabad Tradefest”. More than 300 companies including Indian giants
such as Escorts, Indian Oil Corporation, National Thermal Power
Corporation and Maruti India Ltd, participated. Jiva’s stall was the
biggest crowd puller, and was voted excellent for its customer service,
packaging and presentation of the products. Ms Neerja Shekhar, the
Deputy Commissioner of Faridabad, gave away the prize.

elandandCroatia" \nGlobal Ayurveda Tour '05 concluded in Ireland and
Dr Partap Chauhan, Director Jiva Ayurveda, has successfully completed
the first leg of his Global Ayurveda Tour '05. In this first phase he
offered workshops and lectures in Ireland and Croatia. Speaking during a
live interview on a national Irish TV channel (RTV), Dr Chauhan
emphasized the need of spreading Ayurvedic knowledge for building a
healthy, happy and peaceful society.

nd%20Yoga" \nFirst Ayurvedic Course in South Africa
The Jiva College of Ayurveda now presents a three-day intensive
residential program on Ayurveda and Yoga by
Dr Partap Chauhan. This Yoga course will be conducted from April 1 to
April 3, 2005 at Nanhua Buddhist Temple, Bronkhorstspruit, South Africa.

In this course Dr Chauhan will share his knowledge on basic principles
of ayurveda, relation between ayurveda and yoga, mind control through
yoga, remedies to common diseases and chronic ailments.

For more information on this course, HYPERLINK
nd%20Yoga"log onto our site or write to HYPERLINK

HYPERLINK "http://www.ayurvedic.org/" \nAyurveda and Lifestyle -
Residential Course on Ayurveda in Japan
Dr Partap Chauhan, Director, Jiva Ayurveda will be conducting a five-day
residential course in Japan from April 30 to May 4 at Villa Pinetree
Lake Croissant, 248-1, Yamanaka, Yamanakako-Mura, Minami Tsuru-gun,
Yamanashi Prefecture Lake Yamanaka, Yamanashi Prefecture (about two
hours from Tokyo).

Dr Chauhan will also be available for personal consultations from May 5
to May 7. To confirm your participation, contact our Program
Coordinator, Neerja at HYPERLINK "mailto:nee-@jiva.org"nee-@jiva.org

"http://www.ayurvedic.org/ayurveda/japancourse.asp"program schedule for
more details.

HYPERLINK "http://www.ayurvedic.org/" \nDelicious Ayurvedic cuisines to
relieve chronic diseases
For the first time Dr Partap Chauhan will reveal the secrets of
Ayurvedic cuisines for Diabetes, Mental Stress and Cardiovascular
diseases. Working with world-renowned chefs of London, Dr Chauhan will
offer ancient healing Ayurvedic recipes to the participants. The
three-day workshops (one day for each disease) will be repeated at three
different locations in London and Manchester, UK, from May 28 to June 7,

To confirm your participation, contact our Program Coordinator Neerja at
HYPERLINK "mailto:nee-@jiva.org"nee-@jiva.org

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\nGreen and Moong Beans
For those experiencing indigestion problems, try this light, homemade
and digestible meal to cope with hunger pangs. HYPERLINK

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HYPERLINK "http://www.ayurvedic.org/ayubasics/gugglu.asp?nm1=Herbs"
Gugglu or Indian Bedellium is the yellow resin (or gum) obtained from
the Commiphora Mukul tree, a small thorny plant found in northern India.
It possesses strong purifying and rejuvenating properties that are
beneficial in treating many problems such as obesity. HYPERLINK
"http://www.ayurvedic.org/ayubasics/gugglu.asp?nm1=Herbs"

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"http://www.ayurvedic.org/ayunique/diseaseinfocus10.asp?nm=Disease in
"http://www.ayurvedic.org/ayunique/diseaseinfocus9.asp?nm=Disease in
Focus" \n
Premature ejaculation, also called early ejaculation, is one of the most
common and stressful sexual problems found among men. In such condition,
men ejaculate before they want to. It can also be defined as an
inability to delay or hold off ejaculation to a point when it is
mutually desirable for both partners. It could occur due to several
reasons, such as being very excited, anxiety about sex, fear, or even
alcohol or drug use. Sometimes excessive stress, mental disturbance, and
severe depression could also lead to this problem. HYPERLINK
"http://www.ayurvedic.org/ayunique/diseaseinfocus10.asp?nm=Disease in
Focus"

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Recipe for Amenorrhoea and Dysmenorrhea
Dill seeds: 10 grams
Carrot seeds: 10 grams
Fenugreek seeds: 10grams
Radish seeds: 10 grams

Make a fine powder of the ingredients listed above and take one
teaspoonful twice daily with warm water.

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