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Ayurveda and the Heart  Jiva Ayurveda
 Jul 23, 2005 04:28 PDT 

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Volume 5: Issue 6 HYPERLINK

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Dr Partap Chauhan

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\nAyurveda and the Heart
According to Ayurveda, the heart is one of the three main marmas (vital
organs). There are many types of srotas (channels) responsible for the
circulation of various materials like dhatus (tissues), energy, wastes
and prana (life air). Prana vaha srotas, which are responsible for the
flow of prana in the body, are the main srotas. HYPERLINK
\n

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At our online store of genuine Ayurvedic products, you can choose from a
range of healthcare products, personal care products, and nutritional
supplements. And if you are interested in knowing more about various
topics in Ayurveda, browse through our collection of Ayurvedic books and
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Our latest feature on Jiva Ayunique allows you to speak with our
Ayurvedic doctors about your health concerns, giving you the
satisfaction of a full-fledged, one-on-one consultation. This voice chat
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HYPERLINK "http://www.ayurvedic.org/ayurveda/events.asp#france" \nJiva
Global Ayurveda Tour visits France
A ten-day seminar and lecture trip in France has ended successfully. The
main attraction of the programme was a workshop on “Ayurveda and
Beauty”. The programme was held at the Hotel Campanile in Lanester.
HYPERLINK "http://www.ayurvedic.org/ayurveda/events.asp#france" \nRead

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A healthy and balanced diet should comprise all the six tastes-sweet,
sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent. Generally we eat foods that
have sweet, sour, salty and astringent tastes, but not those that have
bitter and pungent tastes. Karela has these two tastes. This recipe is
very healthy, so you should make it a part of your diet.
\n

Share your recipe!
Do you have a vegetarian recipe that you enjoy? HYPERLINK
"http://www.ayurvedic.org/ayubasics/recipe_form.asp" \nShare it with us!
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HYPERLINK "http://www.ayurvedic.org/ayubasics/mandukparni.asp?nm=Manduk
Parni" \nManduk Parni
Manduk parni is an annual plant found at a height of 2000 feet above sea
level near rivers and canals in India and Sri Lanka. It is used to
decrease the effect of kapha and vata; as a body wrap on the skin to
enhance blood circulation; to improve memory; and to increase jatharagni
(digestive fire) to improve digestion. HYPERLINK
"http://www.ayurvedic.org/ayubasics/mandukparni.asp?nm=Manduk Parni"
\n

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"http://www.ayurvedic.org/ayunique/diseaseinfocus14.asp?nm=Disease in
Focus - Hyperacidity" \nHyperacidity
Hyperacidity is the excessive secretion of hydrochloric acid in the
stomach. The stomach secretes several juices to digest food.
Hydrochloric acid, one of them, breaks down the food particles into
their smallest form, to aid digestion. The Ayurvedic name for
hyperacidity is amal pitta. HYPERLINK
"http://www.ayurvedic.org/ayunique/diseaseinfocus14.asp?nm=Disease in
Focus - Hyperacidity" \n

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Cure Hyperacidity at home
Powdered liquorice is considered in Ayurvedic medicine to be an
excellent remedy for hyperacidity. Clinical tests have proven that it is
good for relieving pain, discomfort and other symptoms caused by acidic
matter in the stomach. It removes the irritating effects of acids in a
better way than alkalis.

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