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Heartburn-it really burns you out!  Jiva Ayurveda
 Sep 24, 2005 03:59 PDT 

Volume 5: Issue 8

Dr Partap Chauhan

Heartburn-it really burns you
<http://www.ayurvedic.org/ayurveda/week_topic_95.asp?nm1=AyurSpeak> out!
Often people visiting my clinic complain about symptoms like heartburn,
hyperacidity, gastritis, flatus, constipation, lack of appetite, ulcers
in the mouth and stomach, and a burning sensation and pain in the
stomach. Although all these sound like different diseases, Ayurveda
describes them to be caused by increased pitta (heat or fire) in the
<http://www.ayurvedic.org/ayurveda/week_topic_95.asp?nm1=AyurSpeak> Read


Health Minister of India to give award to Jiva Ayurvedic Pharmacy
Jiva Ayurvedic Pharmacy has been chosen as the 'Best Ayurvedic Pharmacy'
for manufacturing authentic classical and patent Ayurvedic medicines and

The award will be presented on 28 September 2005 by the Hon'ble Minister
of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, at a function in New

Jiva Director will lecture in 'Arogya' fair
Dr Partap Chauhan has been invited by the Ministry of Health, Government
of India to give a presentation on Ayurveda during their annual four-day
trade fair 'Arogya' to be held during 23-27 September 2005. Jiva
Ayurveda will display its products during this fair.


Potato pudding
Potato pudding, or alu ka halwa, strengthens the body and helps to
increase weight. It is rejuvenating and aphrodisiac in nature.

Share your recipe!
Do you have a vegetarian recipe that you enjoy? Share it
<http://www.ayurvedic.org/ayubasics/recipe_form.asp> with us!


Swarnashri is a thorny shrub about two to three feet high. It is used to
alleviate kapha and pitta. It cures a range of diseases from joint pains
to leprosy.
<http://www.ayurvedic.org/ayubasics/swarnashri.asp?nm=Swarnashri> Read


Urinary tract
<http://www.ayurvedic.org/ayunique/diseaseinfocus16.asp?nm=Disease in
Focus - Urinary tract infection> infection
A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection that begins in the
urinary system. It can be painful and annoying. It can also become a
serious health problem if the infection spreads to the kidneys. Women
are most at risk of developing a UTI. In fact, one in five women will
likely develop a UTI during her lifetime, and many will experience more
than one. The Ayurvedic name of UTI is mutravahi sankraman.
<http://www.ayurvedic.org/ayunique/diseaseinfocus16.asp?nm=Disease in
Focus - Urinary tract infection>


Cure urinary tract infection at home
One age-old home remedy for urinary tract infection is to drink
cranberry juice (not cranberry cocktail) or eat raw cranberries. Another
way that people try to prevent or relieve urinary tract infections is to
drink a lot of water and other fluids. The extra water is eliminated
through the kidneys, and the increased volume of urine flushes the
bacteria out of the bladder.



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Disclaimer: All material provided in the Arogya newsletter is meant for
educational and informational purposes only. None of it is intended to
replace the services of your own physician regarding the applicability
of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your symptoms or
medical condition.

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