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Significance of natural urges in health  Jiva Ayurveda
 Dec 23, 2005 03:38 PST 

Volume 5: Issue 10

Dr Partap Chauhan

Significance of natural urges in
The human body is a wonderful complex system which has a number of ways
to balance or eliminate the materials which could be harmful to the
body. In order to facilitate the elimination of these substances, the
body is equipped with urges that appear naturally. According to
Ayurveda, there are thirteen types of natural urges in the body which
should not be suppressed. Read


Dr Partap Chauhan meets the Professors
<http://www.ayurvedic.org/ayurveda/events.asp#medical> from Kaunas
Medical University
Professor Bredikis, who is a famous cardiologist and had also served as
the minister of health, Lithuania, invited Dr Chauhan to give a
presentation on possibility of integrating Ayurveda into the medical
education at the University.

First Orientation Program for Jiva
<http://www.ayurvedic.org/ayurveda/events.asp#orientation> Affiliates in
February 2006
Jiva Ayurveda's Affiliate Program, launched in November 2005, generated
a great deal of interest among people/ organizations in various
countries across the globe. Jiva Ayurveda will conduct its first
orientation program for its affiliates in February 2006, during and
after the course of the Ayurveda and Mind workshop. Read more
<http://www.ayurvedic.org/ayurveda/events.asp#orientation> ...


Eggplant recipe
Eggplant recipe (Baingan Bharta with castor oil) is light and easily
digestible. It increases warm temperament of body, thus good for using
in winters. It also helps in cleansing bowel movements.

Share your recipe!
Do you have a vegetarian recipe that you enjoy? Share it
<http://www.ayurvedic.org/ayubasics/recipe_form.asp> with us!


Neem <http://www.ayurvedic.org/ayubasics/neem.asp?nm=Neem>
It is a systemic cleanser. In India this herb is vastly used for
removing contamination of blood and pacifying pitta dosha. People chew
its fresh leaves and fruits for preventing pitta and kapha disorders. It
is very useful in curing diabetes and various skin diseases. Read
<http://www.ayurvedic.org/ayubasics/neem.asp?nm=Neem> more...


<http://www.ayurvedic.org/ayunique/diseaseinfocus18.asp?nm=Disease in
Focus - Allergies>
Allergies are an overreaction of the body's immune system to specific
substances that it misidentifies as harmful. This overreaction of the
body's immune system is known as an 'allergic reaction' and the
substances that cause it are called 'allergens'. According to Ayurvedic
philosophy, allergies appear due to malfunctioning of ojas. Ojas is the
essence of all dhatus and is compared to the immune system (defense
system) of the body.
<http://www.ayurvedic.org/ayunique/diseaseinfocus18.asp?nm=Disease in
Focus - Allergies>


Remedy for allergies
Turmeric is an excellent herb to combat allergies. One teaspoon of good
quality turmeric powder with milk is very good for building up the
body's immune system to effectively withstand allergens.




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