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Event of international alliance painter  Kiry Alexandre
 Feb 23, 2000 15:55 PST 
Painter Artist . at Painting-Artist.com . International Company Hello ,
I write you for this information ,thank you for your time .
A. Kiry
French Painter Artist Neoexpressionist " The pictures you will see
here are neither exactly photographies nor paintings,but in fact the
alliance between the two this is painting with Silver " invites the
of Artistical Diffusion Jean de la Baysse that presents a Painter Artist
exposition: (Jacques Sibade, Genevihve Eyraud, Claude Ancelin) .

Mr. Jacques SIBADE
born in 1931 Boarder of the town of Bordeaux with
Beautiful Arts of resolutely abstract Paris. Raise ROGANEAU and in Paris
the workshop of LEGUEULT Prix J.PALAUX. Exposure: Paris, The USA.
Mention of
the International jury of Kyoto 1998. " I speak with my hand, you
with your eyes. "                        

Mrs. Genevieve Eyraud
Painter Abstracts listener at the school from
Beautiful Arts of Bordeaux born in 1930 Expose through France ( Grande
Mottes-Tours-Lourdes-Forum of Arts many Prices.

born 3 the Mars 1930 Former pupil of the school of Beautiful Arts of
Bordeaux. Works powerful, rigorous, made up of exploits of colors
which translate essence. Many exposures in France .

For more information to contact Mr. Jean MARTEAU of the Artistic Company
of Diffusion Jean of Baysse 12 Street David Johnston 33000 BORDEAUX
such: or write at


Thank you again for this painter artists member of international new
alliance .

DePreeti M Bawa

Paiter Artist   : , is a contempary Indian artist.
The theme of her paintings is woman's search for stability and the
experience that goes with it.
Her latest exhibition is called Dream, Reality & Virtual Images.

Carlo Romero

title: Undetermined destination

The journey, not the destination becomes a source of wonder.

Not the destination is important, the journey to that destination is far
more worth it. The way everything is experienced through this journey,
easy and the hard roads, the sunny and the dark sides, the pieces of
and the disappointments.

Is this the reason why I feel this attracted to painting. Because the
journey always continues and the destination never comes in sight.
if I don't paint I feel restless and have the feeling I don't go any
at all.

For new membre of International Alliance of Painter :
http://www.painting-artist.com/Painter.htm .

Sincerly , A.KIRY

Work about us more 90 partners :
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Office UC & Net Work :
Programming :
Domaines Providers :
Opportunity :
A . KIRY ar-@painting-artist.com
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