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RE: Clear channel stations inciting anti-bike violence  Fred Meredith
 Oct 22, 2003 10:41 PDT 

I must be livin' right. None of these are on my current listening
list. Nor will they be any time soon.


At 4:13 PM +0000 10/22/03, Phil Hallmark wrote:
 not sure what to do about the following information, but I thought it
might be useful to someone more creative than me on this list:

Clear Channel stations in Austin:
The Zone Sports Radio 1300AM
Jammin 105.9FM
Z102 102.3FM

Patrick Goetz wrote:

On Tue, 21 Oct 2003, Nawdry wrote:
Clear Channel is a far-right radio media quasi-monopoly which
surreptitiously mobilized rallies for the Bush regime's war on Iraq
this year.

Astute students of the American political landscape will recall that it
was Clear Channel Communications that was surreptitiously behind all the
staged "protests" against the Dixie Chicks when Natalie Maines made a
statement critical of emperor Bush, including staging events where steam
rollers were used to squish 1000's of Dixie Chicks CD's in act not
dissimilar from the book burnings instigated by Hitler's minions at
Humboldt University and elsewhere (or, more accurately, in an act
IDENTICAL to Hitler's book burnings at Humboldt University and

Combine this with Clear Channel's strong arming, censorship, and
intimidation of musicians (refusing, for example, to play songs by
artists who don't agree to exclusively play at Clear Channel - sponsored
concerts), and you have a perfect example of precisely why there are
against media monopolies, and why regime-controlled media is almost
a bad thing.

The evils of Clear Channel has been extensively documented by writers at
salon.com, who I believe were responsible for uncovering the fact that
Clear Channel was behind the Dixie Chicks "protests". For information
straight from the source, go to salon, and search for "Clear Channel".
with most complex forms of clandestine wrong-doing, you'll have to do a
lot of weeding to sort the wheat from the chaff; in particular, there
there are a LOT of articles about Clear Channel on salon.com; all bad
for free thinking and/or music loving Americans.

CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE! http://BicycleAustin.info

When in doubt ... ride your bike (or at least write about it).

Fred Meredith, LCI Consultant
P.O. Box 100 (12702 Lowden Ln for UPS/FedEx)
Manchaca, TX 78652
512/282-1987 (office/home)
512/282-7413 (fax)
512/636-7480 (wireless)
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