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RE: [RE: Clear channel stations inciting anti-bike violence]  mcch-@mail.utexas.edu
 Oct 22, 2003 15:00 PDT 

Here's a story from The Cleveland Plain Dealer that alludes to the incident.

Here's a story I pulled off Lexis/Nexis that focuses on the cycling club after
the accident. I could not find a story that reports the intial incident.

Copyright 2003 The Houston Chronicle Publishing Company
The Houston Chronicle

September 11, 2003, Thursday 3 STAR EDITION


LENGTH: 716 words

HEADLINE: Recovery ride begins healing process for bike club



For many of the cyclists who participated, it was the most difficult ride of
their lives.

It was the weight of heavy hearts, not hills or a head wind, that made this ride
one that won't soon be forgotten.

About 30 members of the Brazosport Bicycle Club took part in a "recovery ride"
Saturday, following the deaths of two club members in a horrific accident Aug.
30 during a training ride in Brazoria.

James Thomerson, 49, and Brian Delaney, 47, died after being struck by a truck
that slammed into the pace line in which they were riding. The two men were
among 21 cyclists who had embarked on the regular BBC Saturday morning training

A pickup truck driven by 44-year-old Marcia Ann Meeks of Lake Jackson, careened
around a curve on State Highway 332 and hit about five of the cyclists,
according to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Thomerson and Delaney died at the scene. Two other cyclists, Kelton Thomson and
Amanda McDaniel, were transported to area hospitals. Both have been released
and are recovering from injuries sustained in the accident, which left bicycles
and riders strewn over the Brazoria County highway.

The accident was another sobering reminder of just how dangerous the sport of
cycling can be.

"I was just torn up by what happened," said BBC member Lloyd Colegrove, who was
not involved in the accident, but spearheaded the effort to get those who were
back on their bikes for the recovery ride.

"You can't stare death in the face and not be impacted by it. This is something
we'll never forget."

The recovery ride started after a memorial service at MacLean Park to honor the
two fallen cyclists.

Initially, many of the cyclists were reluctant to participate in the ride, which
would take them along the same route that turned deadly just a week earlier.
However, all of the cyclists who were well enough to ride participated.

They found a measure a comfort in the outpouring of support from the community.
Nearly 40 members from several area motorcycle groups volunteered to join the
cyclists, providing additional presence on the roadway.

In addition, the Lake Jackson Police Department supplied a ride escort, while
deputies from the Brazoria County Sheriff's Department stopped traffic for the
group as it passed through the site of the accident.

"The ride was difficult, but I felt safe," said Ruben Solis, who was toward the
back of the pace line when the accident occurred. "It's going to be a long
recovery, but the ride was a good start. It helped emotionally."

It also represented a victory.

Given what these cyclists experienced, it would have been understandable had
they decided to leave cycling behind. Instead, they ride on with fond memories
of their cycling brothers to ensure the sport they love doesn't become yet
another victim of the accident.

They know Jim and Brian wouldn't want it any other way.

Four Houstonians to participate in 9/11 memorial ride - A foursome of Houston
firefighters will be among the cyclists participating in the Face of America
bike ride to commemorate the second anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist
attacks on the United States.

Bob Branch, Mike Cruz, Johnny Salazar and Rick Guzman will join more than 600
cyclists who will depart from Battery Park in New York Friday morning to begin
a three-day, 280-mile journey to Washington, D.C.

The ride will serve as a "moving memorial" to remember those who lost their
lives in the terrorist attacks.

"More than 300 firefighters were killed on Sept. 11 (2001), and we're riding for
them," said Capt. Bob Branch, with Houston Fire Department Engine 38. "It's a
tremendous honor for us to be able to ride to help support the New York
firefighters and the families who were touched by the World Trade Center
tragedy. This will be a very emotional experience.

"There is truly a brotherhood among firefighters, whether we're in New York,
Houston or Los Angeles. We're always there to help out one another and this
ride is no different."

The Face of America ride is organized by World T.E.A.M Sports to bring people
with diverse backgrounds together to achieve a common goal.

The ride will finish at the reflecting pool on the Mall in Washington and be
followed by a ceremony to remember those who lives were taken two years ago

NOTES: Steve Sievert covers cycling for the Chronicle. His notebook appears
Thursdays. Call him at 832-978-4359 or send e-mails to

LOAD-DATE: September 15, 2003

Quoting Herb Stark <he-@herbstark.com>:

 Two people killed and it does not appear to have made the Houston Chronicle.
Can anyone give a link to this story from a legitimate news source?

Herb with a Big Grin
BMW K1200LT "Das Tier"
TerraTrike 3.4 "Terror Trike"

Herb Stark

Stark Outdoor Advertising
2038 Centenary Circle
Longview TX 75601

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From: Jeff Thorne [mailto:jeffrey-@usa.net]
Sent: Wednesday, October 22, 2003 12:49 PM
To: phil.ha-@analog.com; austin-@topica.com
Subject: Re: [RE: BIKE: Clear channel stations inciting anti-bike

From Roadbikerider.com, some more information, including Clear Channel

Stop Radio 'Hate Crimes' Against Cyclists

The following is from Frank Karbarz of Houston, TX. It speaks for itself.
After reading, please consider voicing your opinion to the people in
authority. We'll spare you the grisly details of the accident. This is an
attempt to stop the public airwaves from being used to make light of
deaths and advocate intentionally dangerous driving.

On Saturday morning, August 30, 2003, a 20-rider paceline was hit by a
truck near Lake Jackson, TX, in the Houston area. Two cyclists were
killed. Eight others were injured. One had to be life flighted.
This was a horrible accident. But I'm writing to RBR about subsequent events
that sound identical to your story in issue No. 106 about the Cleveland
station that advocated hate crimes against cyclists.

On Tuesday morning, the DJs on the local Clear Channel radio station, KLOL
(101), turned Saturday's event into entertainment and advocated that their
listeners use their car mirrors to hit cyclists. Yes, another Clear Channel
affiliate like in Cleveland!

Obviously, Clear Channel thinks it is okay to continue support of such a
crime. I wonder how their advertisers feel about potentially deadly and
criminal behavior.

This is a problem because most radio listeners are steering their
weapon of destruction as they listen to the voices broadcast by Clear
throughout the entire country.

I urge all cyclists to support a letter-writing campaign to Clear Channel,
FCC, the local radio station program manager, and sponsors. Here are several
key individuals:

Mike Powell, FCC Chairman, mpow-@fcc.gov
Vince Richards, KLOL program manager, vinceri-@clearchannel.com
John Hogan, CEO, Clear Channel Radio, JohnH-@clearchannel.com
Mark Mays, COO, Clear Channel Communications, Mark-@clearchannel.com

Phil Hallmark <phil.ha-@analog.com> wrote:

not sure what to do about the following information, but I thought it
might be useful to someone more creative than me on this list:

Clear Channel stations in Austin:
The Zone Sports Radio 1300AM
Jammin 105.9FM
Z102 102.3FM

Patrick Goetz wrote:

On Tue, 21 Oct 2003, Nawdry wrote:
Clear Channel is a far-right radio media quasi-monopoly which
surreptitiously mobilized rallies for the Bush regime's war on Iraq
this year.

Astute students of the American political landscape will recall that it
was Clear Channel Communications that was surreptitiously behind all the
staged "protests" against the Dixie Chicks when Natalie Maines made a
statement critical of emperor Bush, including staging events where steam
rollers were used to squish 1000's of Dixie Chicks CD's in act not
dissimilar from the book burnings instigated by Hitler's minions at
Humboldt University and elsewhere (or, more accurately, in an act
IDENTICAL to Hitler's book burnings at Humboldt University and

Combine this with Clear Channel's strong arming, censorship, and
intimidation of musicians (refusing, for example, to play songs by
artists who don't agree to exclusively play at Clear Channel - sponsored
concerts), and you have a perfect example of precisely why there are
against media monopolies, and why regime-controlled media is almost
a bad thing.

The evils of Clear Channel has been extensively documented by writers at
salon.com, who I believe were responsible for uncovering the fact that
Clear Channel was behind the Dixie Chicks "protests". For information
straight from the source, go to salon, and search for "Clear Channel".
with most complex forms of clandestine wrong-doing, you'll have to do a
lot of weeding to sort the wheat from the chaff; in particular, there
there are a LOT of articles about Clear Channel on salon.com; all bad
for free thinking and/or music loving Americans.

CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE! http://BicycleAustin.info

CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE! http://BicycleAustin.info

CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE! http://BicycleAustin.info
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