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Re: [austin-bikes] Amy Babich write-in?  Patrick Goetz
 Apr 21, 1999 13:50 PDT 


Austin has a rational voting system requiring a run-off between the top 2
candidates if no candidate achieves a simple majority (> 50%) in the
general election.

Hence the only way you could throw away your vote is if Jackie weren't one
of the top 2 candidates as a result of a bunch of bicyclists voting for
Amy. As much as I would like this to be the case (i.e. that bicyclists
have that much clout), I seriously doubt this will happen.

So go ahead and vote for Amy, if you like. You can always phone bank for
Jackie (in penance) later if there is a need for a run-off. I think it's
important to show that bicyclists do have some voting power. The only
clear way of doing that in this election is to vote for Amy.

 At 10:58 AM 4/21/99, Mike Dahmus wrote:

 As somebody who would rather see Babich on the council than anybody else in
that race, my advice is to not throw away your vote. The 'burbs are
_blanketed_ with signs for the anti-environmentalist candidates, and we'd be
better off with Goodman than with the pave-it-over crowd. This race seems to
me to be dangerous enough that it's not a good time to send a message.

I agree with Mike's rationale on this one.
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