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April Update  Fred Pierce
 Apr 28, 2007 13:48 PDT 

Avialantic Updates - April 2007

- MAAM WWII Weekend Update -
- other MAAM news -
- Airshows
- "Mitchell Madness" -
- "Mustangs & Legends" -
- World Airshow News -
BAHF C-54 featured
- Address changes - PLEASE READ! -


If you haven't been to the WWII Weekend site -
http://www.maam.org/maamwwii.html - for a while, it's time for a visit.
The guest, aircraft, and other lists are up and packed with good news.
One exciting post-war event this year will be a re-creation of
"Operation Little Vittles" featuring the Berlin Airlift Foundation's
C-54 "Spirit of Freedom" and none other than the Candy Bomber himself,
Col. Gail "Uncle Wiggly Wings" Halverson.

"Gunny" R. Lee Ermey of "Mail Call" will again open the show on Friday
by leading the convoy in the traditional "liberation of Reading."

I would like to list all the guest speakers; they each deserve more than
a mention and so I will ask you to be sure to visit the guest page - in
fact I'll send you directly to http://www.maam.org/wwii/ww2_guests.htm.
Of all the wonders of World War II Weekend, none surpasses the honor and
privilege of meeting with the men and women who "were there" and
listening to them share their stories.

Many changes have been made in the show's layout and presentation to
make your experience more enjoyable and fulfilling, including
orientation of the flight demonstrations for better viewing and

I could rave on but why? Our webperson, Bill Rambow, has done an
incredible job of making the case - just wish I had time to peruse the
whole site.

Other MAAM News -

The news is that MAAM has been and will be in the news a lot. MAAM was
the cover story in Air Classics a few months ago, the History Channel is
working on a Mega Movers segment on the P-61 to be aired this summer,
PC-Pilot Magazine (http://www.pcpilot.net/) will be doing a two-issue
feature on the MAAM-SIM team, and the May Smithsonian Air & Space
magazine included an article on Willard Custer and MAAM's own Channel
Wing. The text described the latter as "...sits forlornly...,"
illustrating the dilemma faced by MAAM and other aviation museums. How
to allocate limited resources - money, time, material, and labor, among
the treasures that so much need to be preserved. Anything and everything
you can contribute is greatly appreciated and in the long run, helps
acheive the museum's goals for the entire collection.

Airshows -

Mitchell Madness and Gathering of Mustangs: MAAM's B-25 "Briefing Time"
will be joining, at this writing, SIXTEEN other Mitchells at the Yankee
Air Force's "Thunder over Michigan" airshow on July 7 and 8.
http://www.yankeeairmuseum.org/airshow/index.htm. Another "once in a
lifetime" opportunity will happen for the second time (?) with another
"Gathering of Mustangs" September 27-28 - http://www.gml2007.com, this
time in Columbus, Ohio.

I haven't even started updating Avialantic's calendar (I NEED TO
RETIRE!) but am happy to refer you to the new World Airshow News site at

Besides a great airshow calendar there is a discussion forum and lots of
other stuff. The March/April issue (WAN goes monthly during the airshow
season) included a nice story on the Berlin Airlift Historical
Foundation's C-54 and once in a while even yours truly finds time to
submit a story. If you haven't subscribed you're missing a great source
of airshow news.

The WAN calendar doesn't include the myriad fly-ins and other small
events so I'll try to get them on Avialantic soon. In the meantime (or
all the time), flyins.com and of course, the Atlantic Flyer's
Checkpoints - aflyer.com - are excellent sources. Come to think of it,
why am I doing a calendar with all these great resources already

Address Changes -

Every time I send out one of these I remind everyone that I cannot do
address changes, and every issue I get a few requests for address
changes. I've given up responding; I hate to lose anyone but just don't
have time and the requests scroll off the screen and are forgotten.
PLEASE - just follow the instructions at the bottom of each Update and
you'll continue to receive them, however infrequent they might be. And
yes - I love to hear from you and do read your messages, even if I can't
always reply.

Thanks - hope to see you at an airshow or fly-in somewhere!


Fred Pierce - fpie-@avialantic.com
Avialantic - Mid Atlantic Aviation on the Web -
MAAM WWII Weekend June 1-3 2007 http://www.maam.org/maamwwii.html
Mid Atlantic Air Museum - http://www.maam.org
World Airshow News - the Airshow Magazine -

EMAIL ADDRESS CHANGES: Please don't ask me to add someone to the list or
change an email address. Only the owner of the email account can do
that. Here's how to change an email

From the old account just send a message to
avialantic--@topica.com or, if you have closed the account
just forget about it. The important part is to send a message from your
new email address to avialantic-@topica.com so that I don't
lose you.

That's all there is to it!
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