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Avialantic Updates - May 2003  Fred Pierce
 May 27, 2003 13:17 PDT 

* I'm still here
* MAAM WWII Weekend Airshow
* MAAM-SIM and the AvSim Conference
* Other Coming Attractions
* Jack King's "High Flight - the biography of Dick A. Henson."

I'm Still Here...
A few people have inquired about the long silence from Avialantic
Updates. My apologies for the neglect - it has been a busy but good
year. I doubt that I'm alone in rearranging priorities, partially in
response to the increasingly bizarre world events but also as part of
the natural course of maturing. As anyone who knows me will avow, I am
still far from mature, but even I am forced to take things seriously
once in a while. Although I will keep you informed of mid-Atlantic air
events as much as I can, an annual reminder for the WWII Weekend show
may be the main product.

Best wishes to all as we remember those who defended and continue to
defend our freedom, and most of all, reflect on what that word "freedom"
really means.

Fred Pierce - fpie-@avialantic.com

MAAM WWII Weekend Airshow
Our intrepid volunteers have been getting quite a taste of authenticity
as they struggle through a winter and spring reminiscent of Europe in
1944-45 to construct the largest and most authentic World War II
experience of the show's 13 year history. Mud and rain have slowed, but
not stopped their efforts, and the improvements and enhancements are
many. Your feedback has been heeded also, and the layout of the flea
market and other attractions will take advantage of our additional real
estate for better traffic flow and visibility.

As in most years, there have been a few cancellations and additions
since the brochures were publicized. Our featured guest, General Paul
Tibbets, has decided that his health would not permit him to attend. We
thank and honor him for all that he has done, and wish him well. Fellow
atomic mission veteran Dutch Van Kirk has also cancelled his appearance.
Although saddened that General Tibbets and Dutch Van Kirk will not be
with us, we are happy to announce that Bob McClurg, Black Sheep Squadron
ace and wingman of Greg "Pappy" Boyington, will be joining us and
sharing his considerable adventures.

Aircraft-wise, we are minus "Fifi" and "Diamond Lil," both of whom/which
will not be mechanically ready in time for the show, and likewise the
Fighter Factory's beautiful Hurricane will probably not be ready (the
message was "don't count on it," so I am wishfully not scratching it
from the list entirely). On the upside we've added Mike Schloss's AD
Skyraider, more Mustangs, trainers and other types and of course
everyone's looking forward to the Planes of Fame's beautiful quartet.
See the website - www.maam.org/maamwwii.html - for whatever else I know.

Surely it will have stopped raining by June 6 and even if it doesn't it
will be a magnificent show - see you there!

MAAM-SIM/AvSim Conference
As many of you, but probably not all of you know, MAAM now has its own
flight simulator development team, known as MAAM-SIM. This extremely
talented group has produced the most realistic simulation of flying the
MAAM R4D and B-25 publicly available and continues to donate thousands
of hours of labor in bringing MAAM's aircraft to life on computer
screens throught the world. These simulations, add-ons for Microsoft's
Flight Simulator software, have been incredibly successful and have not
only brought in much-needed funds to the museum, but also added many new
members and introduced the museum and historic aircraft restoration to
thousands of people. The reverse has also occured, with ex-DC-3 and B-25
pilots reliving their experiences along with many other pilots
discovering the joys of flight simming for the first time. If you'd like
the opportunity to fly these and other MAAM aircraft, albeit virtually,
have a look at http://www.maam.org/maam_sim.html to find out what it's
all about, and be sure to visit Bill Rambow and the rest of the team as
they demonstrate the latest versions of their creations in the hangar at
WWII Weekend.

AvSim.com, a major center for flight simulator enthusiasts, has been a
major supporter of MAAM and currently hosts the downloadable version of
"Briefing Time" as well as the MAAM-SIM forum, where those interested
can find out what is being developed next, get technical help, and
discuss their flying experiences. MAAM is pleased to be hosting the
giant AvSim conference and exhibit on September 26-27, the Friday and
Saturday after Planes, Trains, & Automobiles - Sept. 20-21. Visit
www.avsim.com for more about the former, and www.maam.org/transhow.html
for PTA.

Almost forgot! Want to fly in the real thing? Check out the AVSIM -
MAAM-SIM Low Level Lottery at www.avsim.com!

Other Coming Attractions...
If you've visited Avialantic recently, and I hope you have, you'll see
that the events calendar is a bit different. Actually it's a bit bland
right now, but I do plan lots of improvements. Once I've caught up with
entering events I'll start making it pretty and more useful, so you can
query dates & states an other such things. As it is there are a lot of
fly-ins and shows listed, including the other big WWII show being the
CAF at Frederick in August.

Jack King's "High Flight"
Don't forget to check out the books and other merchandise on Avialantic,
including Jack King's tribute to the father of commuter airlines in
"High Flight - the biography of Dick A. Henson." Maryland aviators don't
have to ask who Dick Henson was, but the rest of you might not know the
name. Besides pioneering the commuter airline concept, Dick Henson was
an extraordinary test pilot, with the Fairchild PT-19 and C-119 among
his many success stories. "High Flight" is a story of flying, business,
philanthropy, and people. Jack, whose own flying experience rates a book
or two, is best known for his award-winning biography of Captain Dick
Merrill, "Wings of Man." Besides his aviation expertise, Jack brings a
real liking for people to his biographies - his writing makes the nuts,
bolts, fabric and metal come alive with the people who make it all

Finally, thanks for making your purchases through the Historic Aviation
links on the MAAM and Avialantic websites. You have helped to host the
MAAM and Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation's websites!

See you at WWII Weekend!

Fred Pierce - fpie-@avialantic.com
MAAM WWII Weekend June 6-8 2003 http://www.maam.org/maamwwii.html
MAAM Transportation Show September 20-21 2003
AvSim Conference and Exhibit September 26-27 2003 http://www.avsim.com
Mid Atlantic Air Museum - http://www.maam.org
Avialantic - Mid Atlantic Aviation on the Web -
World Airshow News - the Airshow Magazine -
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