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Autumn Update  Fred Pierce
 Sep 06, 2003 11:31 PDT 

Avialantic Updates - September 6, 2003

* Mid Atlantic Air Museum - WWII Weekend
* MAAM Planes, Trains, & Automobiles
* Avsim Exhibition and Conference
* Other upcoming Mid-Atlantic area events
* Communication hazards - Worms, viruses, Spam and other nuisances

Campaign ribbons should be awarded to the more than 5,000 people who
braved the hideous weather on Saturday to witness the excessive realism
- water running off helmets and tents, mud, mud, and more mud - just a
sample of the conditions the foot soldiers had to endure interminably.
Thanks to visitor Carl Reinemann, who traveled from Ohio and captured
the day for us in the photo on the WW II show site Ė
www.maam.org/maamwwii.html. You will find a link there to more 2003
photos - thanks to all who submitted their fine work. This year's photo
CD is taking a bit longer than expected with such a great assortment of
photos to sort and scan, but it's coming along.

Fortunately the weather on the other two days was excellent and large
crowds offset to some degree Saturday's small but hearty turnout. Thanks
to all for your support - hope we have a bit less "authentic" weather
next year - June 4-6!

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles Sept 20-21
If you hurry you can still save by getting your tickets in advance for
this fun show featuring our favorite toys all over the ramp and on the
grass and in the hangar. More music this year with WWII Weekend's
Theresa Eaman performing both days and "Flamin' Dick and the Hot Rods" -
http://flamindickandthehotrods.homestead.com/Home.html - producing
flaminí 50's and 60's R&R from 4 to 7:30 pm on Saturday. Still more
music at the Starlight Drive-in that follows as we join the Beatles to
save Pepperland from the Blue Meanies while roller-skating car hops and
countdown clocks bring back "the good old days." See the web site for
more info - www.maam.org/transhow.html - and to order tickets (no - I
still haven't activated online ordering but maybe I'll have it for WWII

Avsim Exhibition and Conference - 26-27
As you may have heard, MAAM has been extremely fortunate in having some
of the best designers of aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator
software donate their considerable time and talent to creating
award-winning simulations of museum aircraft. The MAAM-SIM team, Bill
Rambow, Jan Visser, Fred Banting, Rob Young, Bill Womack, and Mike
Hambly has not only generated considerable revenue toward getting the
Martin 404 and R4D re-engined, but has also spread the word about the
museum and its mission among the very large flight simulator community,
bringing in more members, visitors, and support. The Avsim.com
organization has strongly supported the effort, and we are delighted
that they have chosen MAAM as the site of their 2003 gathering.

If you're interested in flight simulators, or just curious, this is the
event for you and probably the first time that sims have been displayed
with the real thing on such a scale. I'll let the event's promoters
speak for themselves though - see http://www.avsim.com/pages/2003conf/

More Mid-Atlantic Air Events
The Freedom Museum's Festival of Freedom at Manassas Virginia - October
11-12 http://www.freedommuseum.org/

The American Helicopter Museum's RotorFest - October 18 & 19 at West
Chester PA - http://www.helicoptermuseum.org/museum/airshow.htm

EAA 186 Fall fly-in at Winchester is always a good one, and this year
both MAAM's B-25 and the Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation's C-54
flying museum will be attending. I have conflicting information on the
dates though - Oct. 4 & 5 or 16 & 17. I'm betting on the latter since
the web site - http://www.eaa186.org/ doesn't show a year I'd guess it
hasn't been updated yet. Anyway, check before proceeding - I don't want
to delay this Update to confirm the date.

Communication hazards
Although a bit off-topic, I think the comments I am about to offer
regarding the ever-increasing torrent of email diseases are definitely
relevant, since they absorb an ever-increasing amount of time and other
resources that could be devoted to promoting events, answering inquiries
and other more useful activities. Although the sheer volume of
legitimate mail has made it impractical to answer every message I
receive, the "script kiddies" and spammers have nearly succeeded in
taking the fun out of it all. Valid communiques are unfortunately
occasional casualties to the "friendly fire" of anti-spam measures or
simply lost or inadvertantly deleted manually.

I have seen plenty of familiar addresses in the mass of detritus from
the Sobig.F worm and others, so I know many of you have encountered it
(your address in the "from" part of a message doesn't mean it came from
you or that you are/were infected though). If all this weren't enough, a
few well-meaning folks invariably help the less-talented script-kiddies
by passing along virus hoaxes, the effect being the same - clogging up
the e-mailways with useless stuff with the added irony of having the
victim do the work themselves. Unfortunately, the truth is that even the
coded viruses etc. rely on us to help or at least allow them to
propagate. For this reason, and because it would be unseemly of me to
subject you to a rant such as this without offering something of value,
I have added a section to Avialantic that will feature tools and
information about security and related topics.

I hope that you will find the links and other items I have placed on the
Avialantic site at http://www.avialantic.com/av-main/security.html to
be useful to you in curing or heading off problems. They are certainly
not the only ones available - it's a huge industry - and may not be the
best, but they are the ones I use and like. Your milage, as they say,
may vary, but if you aren't already well-informed and protected, I hope
you will take advantage of the resources I have posted. Each of us needs
to make the effort to ensure we're not aiding the vandels in their
disruptive activities.

Communicating with me -

I will be modifying my web sites to remove any trace of my email
address, eventually funneling all web-originated contact through forms
and taking other measures to reduce the noise flowing into my email
boxes. Since you are reading this you already have my email address and
know how to contact me. You will enhance the chances of your mail being
read and responded to by including a clear subject and understanding
that although I'm not suffering from any abnormal deterioration that I
know about (some may contest this), I correspond with a lot of people
and may not remember what we were discussing 6 weeks ago. Also if you
include attachments, say something in the body of your messages
indicating what it is etc. My antivirus takes care of these things
pretty well, but if Iím in doubt Iím still likely to hit the delete key
instead of opening it.

Itís a beautiful day and itís not raining! Time to wrap this up and go
outside and play! Have a great Autumn!


Fred Pierce - fpie-@avialantic.com
MAAM WWII Weekend June 7-9 2002 http://www.maam.org/maamwwii.html
MAAM Transportation Show September 21-22 2002
Mid Atlantic Air Museum - http://www.maam.org
Avialantic - Mid Atlantic Aviation on the Web -
World Airshow News - the Airshow Magazine -
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