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Re: Annotation  Stephane Marchand-Maillet
 Aug 19, 2001 14:30 PDT 
Dear all,

 Re the free text suggestion, I would suggest that we could
add words to the thesaurus if they are needed, but need a
person (me) to coordinate this.

Yes, the thesaurus should be flexible but its modifications should be
"versionned" and controlled. Corinne is the person to do it...

 Also, since to build the ground truth we only need the
visual attributes, should we disable the non-visual
attributes for this annotation round? Each entry in the
thesaurus would then have a boolean field indicating if
it is visual.

My concern here is that we have to be clear on what is
considered "visual," as people may have different
interpretations. For instance, indoor/outdoor is a
semantic judgment but which nevertheless can be assessed
automatically to a certain degree. Please see the attached
template and think about which are visual.

As an exercise, may I suggest the following: Everyone take
five images of whatever they please (perhaps from
http://www.benchathlon.net/img/todo/), write a one
sentence description of it, and then list a few *visual*
index terms for the image, and send to the list. It won't
matter if the terms are all different at this point; what
will be interesting would be to see the types of
information that people consider visual...

I agree very much with the idea of limiting (in the first versions at
least) the attributes to visual ones. I will trty doing the "exercice"
asap. For now we (Thomas principally) will do our best to offer you a
tool by mid september...

Best reagrds,
PS: To open Corinne's attachement, I had to rename it with a .uu
extension, Winzip then does it automatically...

http://www.benchathlon.net : join the Benchathlon CBIR evaluation effort
Stephane Marchand-Maillet, PhD
Computer Vision Group, Universite de Geneve
24 Rue du General-Dufour - 1211 Geneva 4 - Switzerland
Tel: +41 (0)22 705 7631
Fax: +41 (0)22 705 7780
Email: Stephane.Marc-@cui.unige.ch
URL: http://viper.unige.ch/~marchand/     
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