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CEO wants Anti-Corruption Centres in Cleveland      rjak-@sbcglobal.net
 May 17, 2009 05:28 PDT 

CEO wants Anti-Corruption Centres in Cleveland   
The International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA)
fiery chief executive, David Jakupca, loves a good fight when it's
against corruption and for the under dog. "In lieu of the many public
scandals surfacing today, the average victims needs an assistance in
recovering damages from these nefarious activities" Jakupca says.

One of Jakupca's main concerns is the inability to resolve disputes
without forced costly litigation because the governmental agencies in
place to protect the community seem to be controlled by the same
industries the people need protection from. "Until these issues are
addressed properly, the ideal sustainable democratic process, the
chiefly economic --- dynamic ideal of free enterprise, free markets and
individual opportunity based on merit and mobility --- the American
Dream will be a nightmare." Jakupca stated.

His opinion is that the Transparency International (TI) organization
open an anti-corruption consulting branch in Cleveland, Ohio.
Transparency International's task is to provide free legal help to
victims of corruption. According to Michal Sticka, TI Director, "TI
meets the demand which is quite strong in society at present," he said.
People can to turn to the TI Centre with complaints about corruption in
the field of public orders, municipal authorities and court proceedings.
Sticka said. "People often do not know who they should turn to with
various problems or how to react to corrupt behavior of others." The TI
Centre, offers two types of help. It provides information on how to
stand up against corruption and on the valid legislation in this area.
People can also use long-term aid of lawyers through the extended
assistance program, Sticka said.

"This would coincide with President-elect Obama's new goal to have a
more transparent government," Jakupca said. "It would help people,
especially immigrants who usually follow a more stricter rule of ethics,
to use the centre to intensify the public's struggle against

Welcome to the Whistleblowers Foundation
The Whistleblowers Foundation seeks to assist those who have been hurt
economically because they reported illegal activities or corruption that
violated the public trust. In other words, we will help those who are
hurt for telling the truth.
The Whistleblowers Foundation:   If you have questions or wish to
sponsor this effort, please email foundation organizer Steve FitzGerald

Further information on it is available on forum pages of the

1987 to 2007- Twenty Years of Community Service
"ICEALITY - assisting in the understanding of the relationship between
Humans and
their Environment through the Arts to promote a sustainable Culture of

International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA)
P. O. Box 81496
Cleveland, Ohio 44181 USA
Phone/fax: 440-891-8376
Email: ICEA-@sbcglobal.net

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