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Internecine Matrix: "The Future of News Media: A Panel of Media Critics"  rjak-@sbcglobal.net
 May 29, 2012 07:21 PDT 

Constructive Comments on the Program:
"The Future of News Media: A Panel of Media Critics"
Held on January 18, 2007 at the City Club of Cleveland, Ohio
Panelists were: Jen Angel, Roldo Bartimole and Chas Rich,
Moderator was Steve FitzGerald.

Greetings Panel,
My name is David Jakupca,
Founder and CEO of the International Center for Environmental Arts
(ICEA) in Cleveland, Ohio
My comments are unique here because I am not a professional writer nor a
However to get the our organizations mission of 'ICEAlity', that is to
Assist in understanding of the relationship between Humans and their
Environment through the Arts to promote an effective sustainable global
Culture of Peace* out to the public we need to have a symbiotic
relationship with the media.
In Cleveland, where main stream media is controlled by a handful of
people, unbiased news is almost impossible to get out. ICEA recent
policy has been to abandon trying to get news into local print media in
favor of the new WMMD ( weapon of mass media distribution) the internet
For ICEA the influence of the internet has not only changed the way our
customers choose to receive their news and find information, it has
opened the door for a whole new set of influencers, including bloggers.
All of this means more visibility for ICEA programs and, ultimately,
more results for our business of ICEAlity. We are aware that the editors
who run the local corporate media no longer seeks out news on renegades
and free spirits, but rather quite social climbers and careerists who
understand the big slanted news picture and appreciate its practical
constraints while exploiting the people. Unencumbered by any sense of
duty to their subscribers, they're pleased to forgo the pursuit of
actual news in order to cut expenses and score points with special
interests advertisers by reprinting verbatim their press releases.
As Roldo pointed out, these fakers strive for brevity and glitz,
shirking away from stories that demand any depth or deliberation,
stories that might rattle a few cages and raise a little hell and
ultimately make a change in the community for the better.
This unfortunately, in the long run places them on the back burner of
the news, away from the cutting edge of anything important and therefore
uninteresting to their subscribers. The internet allows ICEA to bypass
the censors and able us to keep one step ahead of the competition and
extend the reach of our news for maxim distribution and optimization
keeping ICEA a leader in our business.
Specific problems in Cleveland for the Environmental Arts;
Media outlets that are controlled and operated by and for special
Interest groups.
For example:
ANGLE Magazine and Eco-City Cleveland Journal are funded by the
Foundation Syndicate. Their primary editorial policy is to get the
Foundations agenda out to the public. Short and simple. Censorship and
discrimination aside, organizations like ICEA that are NOT sanctioned by
the Foundations are never listed or publicized in these types of media
outlets but yet they are still eligible for subsidy from tax dollars.
COOL CLEVELAND is another media outlet that is indirectly funded by the
Foundations. With virtually unlimited funds available to them, when
these outlets are all operating in collusion, like supporting a local
tax issue, they can be influential to their cause.
Another facet of this collusion is “poaching”. That is lucrative ideas
and projects can be misappropriated and fast tracked to completion
before the public is aware of the situation. In 2000, as American
Cultural Ambassador to EXPO2000, the Worlds Fair in Hanover, Germany, I
had an opportunity to take part in a global dialogue that touched on the
subject of INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY - “Works of the Mind” that encompassed
every aspect of human creativity and originality, and that have taken on
a new dimension and value in the modern age with high tech equipment,
satellite communications, and free flowing internet, etc. There is now
more then ever a need for protecting inventions, copyrights, trademarks,
and ideas of Artist from eco-capitalists and profiteers.
The formation of special interests media outlets also have a impact on
the charitable resources available to non-profit organizations because
they pollute and diminish the source of available funds. Cleveland’s
first environmental publication to point out problems in Cleveland was
AFFINITY Magazine, did well by itself, but to publish it needed regular
advertisers. It was forced to closed down when Eco-City Journal started
because it could not compete with Eco-City’s bottomless expense account
provided by the Foundations.
AFFINITY Magazine closing was a start of a trend that would eventually
give the Foundations a monopoly on the Cleveland non-profit sectors
supply and demand ratio. With hundreds of millions of dollars available
to them, the Foundation Syndicate opened and closed non-profit
organizations as they needed them to set their agenda. When AFFINITY
started to closed down in 1995 there were only a handful of legitimate
non-profit organizations serving the community, today there are
literally thousands, many doing the same work and all grasping for the
public charitable dollars, even though they are comfortably funded on
the Foundations dole. There are actually at least 13 non-profit
organizations directly duplicating (understand competing) what ICEA
does, including one started in 2004 blatantly called: The Global Center
for Ecological Design ??/?
ICEA is proud of the fact that in twenty years of community service, it
has not had to go to public funds or grants to stay in business. This is
due mainly to a initial sound sustainable business plan that has never
needed to be changed or altered. But the overwhelming volume of new
non-profits that are being formed almost daily is staggering and totally
unnecessary for city this size. And lets mention here, because of its
relevance, that due to this strategy, we are now the poorest people in
the nation.
Greater Cleveland is being forced into a welfare state, and its people
penalized with extra taxes needed to pay for and rationalize the
existence of the Foundations Folly. And lets mention here again, because
of its relevance, that due to this strategy, we are now the poorest
people in the nation.
ICEA has a twenty point plan that will rid the people of the yoke of
this unnecessary financial burden, stream line the efficiency of the
non-profit sector and re-establish Cleveland as an international
cultural hub. Maybe Commissioner Dimorra will listen to the plan, maybe
not, maybe he can’t. Then I hope you bloggers will help ICEA get the
word out.
A cautionary word about Reference Sources: Information on ICEA
If you go to Lakewood’s Beck Center, you find the Cleveland Artists
Foundation (CAF), a non-profit regional art history and education
organization that preserves, researches, and exhibits the work of
Northeast Ohio artists…………..except Environmental Artist David Jakupca
and ICEA.
Also the website for info on regional Cleveland Artists and
History………except Environmental Artist David Jakupca and ICEA…..is:
Now bloggers, the red flags must be waving as ask yourself how and why
can a non-profit organization that acts against its basic mission
statement to the community be so highly rated? Are they really so
incompetent or funded to be so? Either way CAF is fraudulently
distorting the ICEAlity of Cleveland art history by discriminating in a
way that is artificially manipulating the lucrative environmental art
market in Cleveland for some one’s benefit rather then ICEA.
ICEA’s website is
www.TheICEA.com, if you go there you will find that it has not been
updated since 2003.
The reason for this is, back then ICEA was implementing for Greater
Cleveland, its World Childrens Peace Monument (WCPM) project. The WCPM
is a multi-faceted annual project held with coordination with the United
Nations and various other children’s organizations around the world.
ICEA contacted Mr Dale Lange, a Business Management Consultant on advice
on security for the project segments. Mr Lange’s recommendation was
that, since there is no protection from ’poachers’ taking our ideas off
the website, just don’t post anything on the website.
Fitting conclusion: I was informed a few years ago by a Plain Dealer
reporter, who wishes to remain anonymous, that all references and data
on ICEA has been removed from the PD files. This has caused a lot of
trouble for PD reporters trying to write at least a semi-true story.
And for the record, technically ICEA does not exists in Cleveland, Ohio.
Thank everyone for your time:
"The Future of News Media: A Panel of Media Critics"
Jen Angel, media activist and co-publisher of Clamor magazine;
Hall of Fame journalist and muckraker Roldo Bartimole;
Chas Rich, independent journalist-blogger of Sardonic Views, NEO Babble,
and AOL. Moderator is Steve FitzGerald, creator of LakewoodBuzz.com.
Society of Professional Journalists
Writer's Week
Richard D. Hendrickson, Ph.D.
President, Cleveland Chapter
*ICEAlity is the Aesthetics of the relationship between Humans and their
Environment through the Arts, ultimately promoting an effective
sustainable global culture of Peace.
(consider ICEAlity being the enhanced outdoor version of Feng Shui: The
Chinese art of interior design whereby the positioning objects will have
a positive or negative impact on inhabitants).
It is the process of the Environmental Arts Movement started at the The
International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA) founded by David and
Renate Jakupca in 1987.
Environmental Art is the true indigenous art form of the greater
Cleveland, Ohio area.
The ARK in Berea is the home to the global Environmental Art movement.
David Jakupca is the recognized leader and the Spiritual Father of the
Environmental Art movement.
In 1993 in Vienna, Austria at the World Conference on Human Rights,
ICEA, with the approval of U.S. Delegates, Jimmy Carter and Geraldine
Ferraro, began recycling and promoting United Nations' World
Through this partnership with the United Nations, ICEA has influenced a
global audience of literally billions of people.
Environmental Art is now the number one movement in Cleveland, Ohio
Environmental Art is the number one movement in America.
Environmental Art is the number one movement Worldwide.
According to the Urban Dictionary the Good Word in 2008 is 'ICEAlity':

The Official Dictionary of Unofficial English (May 2006, McGraw-Hill)
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