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Internecine Matrix: Letter to Rep Dennis Kucinich  rjak-@sbcglobal.net
 May 29, 2012 07:26 PDT 

Subject: Building a Peaceful Sustainable Community.

To: Rep. Dennis Kucinich

March 17, 2005

Dear Dennis,

How are you doing today?
Today I am feeling so much better.
I have decided not to go to Washington, DC next week, so I can meet with
ICEA for lunch on Tuesday, March 22nd and discuss what I can do @ Olive
Branch Communications for ICEA's battle with the "institutional powers
that be". Because I have always been an ally, admirerer and advocate of
ICEA for being real and not the fake, greedy and "all out for me"
organization that are seflish and self serving.

Roldo Bartimolo made a point recently in USATODAY, how many times are we
going to study the problems in Cleveland because a special interest
group has the money to fund one? The past has shown there is no public
participation in these forums, they are just a pretext to getting what
they want anyway. Look at the $125 million Dollar Issue 31 for example:
The people did not want it but we had to pay to study it anyway. The
people said no but it was put on a ballot anyway. The people voted it
down and the name was changed to ACE Grant went into effect anyway????
More power to the Green Mafia to control our tax dollars.

LOOK at other cities that have had the same problems, but solved these
difficulties, without first analyzing them to death, then a few weeks
later, submitting data to another committee to study the aspects, psyche
of a problem so it comes to a desired pre-set solution that if it
benefits the community at all its just a coincidence. It is all smoke
and mirrors. So to the people who really need answers ask them happened
- the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Yes...Also there are answers to our problems but these make our leaders
nervous, because these take away from profits. These industries know
there is a foundation monopoly with dummy non-profits will do their
bidding, "yes men" directors hiding their heads in the sands not
admitting they are wrong. In Cleveland they can hide in plain site. Who
is going to have the guts to fight for answers and solutions? ICEA
(International Center of Environmental Arts), Directors David and Renat
Jakupca are leaders of the environmental movement in Cleveland.

If you have the privilege of meeting this couple, you realize they
aren't asking for anything but freedom from the Foundation Syndicate
further their mission to spread peace and save our environment. In 1989
ICEA pioneered the fight to save Whiskey Island as a park for
Clevelanders and visitors to enjoy and were punished for it by the same
Green Mafia that wants to contol the whole shoreline. In 1992 when the
Inner Church Council needed help with the local native american Chief
Wahoo issue, who was their go-to group? ICEA, of course (and they have
been punished for that too). They wish for peace to reign throughout
Ohio and in the world. The Jakupcas' have been invited and participated
in all major world conferences in the world including the women's forum
in Beijing, China. Serving with distinction at them all - including
being US Cultural Ambassadors to EXPO2000 - The Worlds Fair in Hannover,
Germany! Their reward is to be black-listed and harrased in their home
town for putting people before profits. ICEA can do this because they
have always been self supporting based on a sound business plan - the
ideal nonprofit organization. More bang for the buck! Ask any of the
environmental groups powered by the Cleveland Foundation or the Gund
Foundation what original work have you actually done?

I agree with You, Roldo, Ione and other brave souls with intestinal
fortitude who openly speak out for social justice. I miss Daniel
Thompson deeply. I support and admire the Jakupcas' by writing articles
for sources outside Cleveland area because the media in Cleveland all
one sided. In the mean time Jakupcas' peacefully reach out for senate
and councils' in the city of Cleveland and Berea. David, internationally
recognized by major organizations as Father of the Environmental
Movement continues to look for solutions to this nonprofit dilemma that
seems to affect only Cleveland.

I am writing to you because like yourself, ICEA has an honest mission.
ICEA's goals are simple.   Ask David and Renate Jakupca about the
Culture of Peace and the World Childrens Peace Monument in Coe Lake
Park, Berea, The ARK in Berea, etc. recent projects that were completed
not with the cooperation of the corrupt art community but inspite of it.
Real actions speak louder then committee meetings so its a hard road you
individuals have all taken, but others like myself really do appreciate
it. I just do what I am able.

My dream is to live long enough to see ICEA's co-founders, David and
Renate Jakupca be allowed to pursue their contributions with other
individuals for the betterment of Ohio and the world, and receive the
proper support for their future plans.
Priscilla Reagan, President
Olive Branch Communications, Inc.
Brecksville , OH


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