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Re: BMHA Discussion List...  VE3JC - John Cumming
 Sep 17, 2000 07:59 PDT 
Hi Scott!
Great to hear you have taken on the editorial duties for the
newsletter. And thanks for working to pin down an official bmha
reflector. I certainly have no preferences over where it resides or who
administers it, but I agree there should be one (and preferably only
one). I'll be watching with interest :^)

73, JC

            |     VE3JC John Cumming       
     Q      |     Delaware, ON CANADA    
     /\     |     jbcum-@wwdc.com    
   @` /----     hf qrp cw bicycle mobile
() \()        http://www.geocities.com/ve3jc/

Scott Farrell wrote:


      Scott Farrell, KE4WMF, here. I'm the new editor for the BMHA
Newsletter. ...

       Now the big question: Do we make this the "Official BMHA"
discussion list? Is Paul Anderson a member of BMHA, or even interested
in the club? Paul, is affiliation with BMHA something you want for your
list? Will you moderate this list should 200 BMHA members suddenly
start using it? Or would it be better for you and everyone if I created
a BMHA list at EGroups and moderated it myself? I like what you're
doing here; but it seems that an official BMHA discussion list should be
owned by BMHA, that is, a club member. I also don't want to start a new
discussion group that could potentially disrupt this one without your
consent. Had VE3JC's e-mail not been forwarded to me, that's precisely
what would've happened.

      Please get back to me. If you're not interested in a BMHA
invasion, please let me know. I'll be perfectly happy to create an
"Official" BMHA discussion list elsewhere. I'd like to announce the
"birth" of a BMHA discussion list in my first Newsletter. I just need
to know if THIS is the list to announce.


Scott Farrell, KE4WMF

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