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 Brave Birds
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Brave Birds Times Online 10/31/01  Eastern Shore Chicken Sanctuary
 Oct 31, 2001 01:28 PST 
Brave Birds Times Online 11/31/01

We regret the gap since the last issue of this newsletter. As you will
see from the sanctuary news below, the birds have been keeping us very
busy lately!

**Website and Action of the Week**
"They Are Not Our Property, We Are Not Their Owners" Campaign

If you have not already, we urge you to sign the following pledge:

Whereas, I believe that all animals deserve to be treated and respected
as individuals with feelings, needs and interests of their own, and
whereas I believe that animals are not commodities or property to be
bought, sold, disposed of, or discarded, I hereby pledge always:

--to live my life with an ethic of respect and consideration for all
animals, rather than one of ownership in which animals are considered
mere property.
--to adopt and rescue rather than buy or sell animals.
--to represent myself as a caretaker, guardian, companion, or friend of
animals rather than their owner or master.
--to strive at all times to make the world a more just and compassionate
place for all beings, human and non-human alike.

Visit http://www.idausa.org/propertyf.html to sign the "Property Pledge

To learn more about this campaign, visit
http://www.idausa.org/campaignsf.html and click on "Animals As

** Sanctuary News **
In the past few weeks, we've had an influx of new residents here at the
Eastern Shore Chicken Sanctuary. We agreed to take 30 hens from a rescue
performed by the MA SPCA and were well prepared for them. Then, a few
days before they arrived, we suddenly had to take in 30 "broiler" hens
from a local source. And, of course, we continue to find and rescue
roadside birds ourselves. Our latest rescue, Song, is very beat up from
her fall from the poultry truck but is singing happily since moving into
the sanctuary.

All in all, there are now close to 150 birds living at the sanctuary.
We've got plenty of space for them, having fenced off a very spacious
new foraging yard and still having room in our coops. The problem is
that these birds are eating us out of house and home. Many of the 30
from the local rescue were "breeders" who were kept chronically hungry
while in captivity. They are eating considerably more than the other
birds and, while we expect this trend to moderate as they become used to
having regular access to enough food, they have pushed our feed bill
well beyond what we had budgeted.

So, we are putting out this call for contributions. Donations may be
made in three ways:

(1) Visit our website and click on the "donate" button to use a credit
or debit card via PayPal's secure server:

(2) Send a check or money order to:
Eastern Shore Chicken Sanctuary
13981 Reading Ferry Road
Princess Anne, MD 21853

(3) Send your contribution right to the feed store:
Southern States Cooperative
200 E. Vine Street
Salisbury, MD 21804
** Specify that funds are for ESCS, account #142670 **

Whether or not you can donate this time, thanks for your support and for
sharing our concern for the birds!
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