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Purpose: Welcome to the Oracle of the Burning Man Opera, communications central for Pepe Ozan's traditional ritual Opera performances at Burning Man.

This email discussion list was created as an open forum for all who are interested and wish to participate in the traditional Burning Man Opera ritual...as a performer, artist, body painter, mask and costume maker, or crafty devil (or angel) in general. No experience necessary!

Each year the ritual is fantastic and ambitious, featuring a very large, elaborate set, stage and sculptures, and requiring large numbers of performers and crafts people. Needless to say, we could use a few adventurous souls to assist in making the Opera community and its Rituals all that they can be! Participating can and will enrich your life!

It is high time for the collective mind (yours included) to make the opera what it will ultimately be...Without you, there is no opera. Feel free to ask questions, share ideas, brain-storm, form alliances...and stay tuned....Your participation and contribution makes a huge impact in the BM community and the outcome of the ritual. Thanx for being here!

BM Opera 2002 featured Pepe Ozan's first mobile sculpture. Check it out here: http://www.burningmanopera.org/2002/2002_stereo.html

Though there was not an Opera for the 2001 Burning Man, many in the BM Opera community camped together and Ray Cirino brought Water Woman and his pyramid sculpture for the camp centerpiece, as well as his MudDance performance piece. It was a wonderful year on the playa! See for yourself here:


The Year 2000 Burning Man Opera, "The Thar-Taurs of Atlan", focused on the rites and rituals, songs, dance, and music based on the mythology of the lost continent of Atlantis. Pepe, Melitta, and Christopher Fuelling traveled to Crete, Greece and Twan to Borneo to do intensive research and to find the inspiration required for the creation of the Atlantis Village on the Playa. Check here for the 2000 Opera:


BM Opera 1999 was inspired by and derived from Haitian Voodoo, and Haiti is exactly where Pepe, Twan, and Christopher went in order to get the actual stuff to reanimate on the Playa. What they encountered was Beyond Belief. Check it out here:


For BM Operas prior to 1999, please check the BMO website (link is below).

The creator and administrator of this list is Twan, with the kind support of Hitchhiker Jim King, founder of the Gigsville village which debuted at Burning Man 1998. Visit their website and be sure to stop by Gigsville while on the Playa in 2003! (http://www.gigsville.org/)

If you need to contact Twan directly or want to share something in private, please direct your email to:


or call (310) 364-1533.

Please visit the BM Opera website:

Messages to the list should be sent to:

The digest is a separate subscription, even though it contains the same messages. It is available if you prefer less email traffic (all messages collected into one message and sent to you once per day - great for lurkers, but not as good for participating in the discussions)

Let the games continue...!

In service to you and the Man,

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