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World's #1 - Global Opportunity - Best Pay Plan !!  Tom Broadbent -Goji
 Aug 05, 2005 19:44 PDT 

Hello to everyone. This is Breaking News ! ...I urge you to read it please.
Quite long, but WOW , this is a progress report of just 6 weeks of work in my Team. You'll blow a gasket !

Remember i mentioned i was doing Freelife International.

Now i know many of you have known me for a great many years and like alot of you, i have tried almost all good adcopy start ups and everything else on the net.

But i told you i was going to stick with Freelife, i was serious. Well here is a progress report of what we have accomplished in just the last 6 weeks.

Indonesia is ours ! - 220 million hungry MLM'ers - we got this one - big time
South Africa , Peru, Columbia, Uganda, Nigeria, ,Sweden, Norway, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, and Burma is going for approval with Goji, in my downline, NOT company wide.

Now that indonesia is going, we may as well have him do Borneo, with 16 million, and next door is JAVA with 130 million. ( we'll work on that next month ! )

India, i have a minister in our line who has contacts with the top governemt officials of India, in fact one of the head guys there, his daughter is coming to stay with him in the U.S.A...so from what i hear it is shoe in!! This is being worked on today.

Television owner out of Tennessee with 500,000 viewers is doing us a commercial with Dr. Earl Mindell. re-run of this commercial cost 15.00 !!

We will have 4 kiosks in 4 malls in Lexington, Kentucky pushing Goji,
and brett will be getting this same thing set up in Missouri as well, and then Michigan. Then who knows. Thses are the coolest Kiosks set up in the dead center of the malls.

3 Ministers out of New Jersey with doctors , etc in their line going to town with this. We have already held and are having boardroom meetings there. Brett is going to be doing this as well, in both Missouri and his home State of Michigan. No one has seen this man let lose before like i have in the last month, well he's out of the cage !!! He has the burning desire as most of my downline now has to build this to millions, and it is looking like in the next few years with the countries we are going for this WILL happen...That is NOT adcopy. Heads are starting to turn.

Another Doctor who has just joined is ready to start giving this to his Alzeimers patients and 200 of his other patients. We now a third Doctor who is prescribing Goji at an old age home to one of our downlines Mother and doing tests, if all goes well not only the home will go with it, but it will branch out as their families see the difference.

We have a team coming in right now from the Philippines, and Singapore. Done deal. 2 weeks of meetings.

A person from Mexico, who says he has many contacts is excited, so we brought Malcolm to the meeting and introduced him to our head guy at the Distribution center, low and behold, he knew him well. He is coming in as soon as he is back from U.S business trip at the end of this week.

A car dealership owner with 16 years of direct sales experience now into consulting is looking fantastic and pumped, Hey , everyone is. Everyone is excited, have you seen that lately. I haven't for years.

5 Australian Engineers with over 30 years experience in the sports arena in Australia are ready to go. Starting next monday, everything is set up in Australia.

Eastern seaboard of Canada, we have a solid and growing team as well.
And Hawaii as well, we just broke into New Zealand 4 days ago.

We are getting something set up in the u.k as well, not approved , we are close to finding a way to get it done now though. 2 weeks away.

I could go on forever, 1 program owner with a massive club is now joining as well
and bringing in his top people first.

I do not need to bring up names, but you know many of them now on the net, they are making this their primary business. Know why ?
We aren't closing , we aren't stagnant, we are 10 years old, 600% growth over last year and only open in 15 countries with 50 + more to open just this year alone.

This is not even ground floor, we are still in the basement with a 10 year old company now with sales at 600 million dollars.

Come and join my team, i told you all i was serious and i know howv many held off waiting for me to move to something else. Like alot of us do, But i did find the Free Life. The only other thing i do is currency exchange. You WILL NOT see me sending HYIP's, doublers, start ups, what have you. I am there, i have done it, now let's make it happen for you. I will put you into an excellent position.

Remember our teams are just getting started, countries are 1 to 3 months to get approved, but they are being done by capable people who have customs, depts of health being approved ( paperwork ) and importers in place. We have the importers.

Now for any of you who thought i wasn't serious, this is from 6 weeks working with Brett Gurney and others. We are not playing around.

Residual income is not sending out a start up hoping it will go. that is where your 12 hours days come in, month after month year after year. The only ones loving you are the program owners that you are building lists for, they are the only ones who are going to get rich, you cannot create residual income for the average person with a 30.00 program that pays a buck or 2 a level, the average person can sponsor three, they work all month and get 3 , they earned 6 bucks, then they leave. And everyone can sponsor more than 3 but most play around emailing back and forth till the horse is dead. We will get your leads on the phone with or without you, we do not care.

BUT I ASSURE YOU , YOU CAN SPONSOR MORE THAN THREE IF YOU FOLLOW OUR LEAD., i hear it as you hear, day in day out. I'm broke , close to bankrupcy, SO WAS I...why , those 30.00 clubs killed us, they literally drove us all into the poorhouse, so we went the way of investments and everyone for a while praised pips, international trader, etc, and many others. are they paying now. will they in 2 years. that is the question, will that hyip be open in 3 months from now, GEEZ , even next month before they bolt. If you follow the ones who recommend them who have huge mailing lists, look at what they offered for the last 2 years and how many you followed them into them, i did it, i listened to them, made you listen to me. They give you there run down, that they met the owner, so forth and so on, when it closes you realize they never did. They think they are pros because everyone listens to them, it is so much easier than doing the checking on your own. I have listened to so many so called experts and it's funny , they lose thousands but continue on don't they, your the one with less money the next time around, and they are still earning the referral fees. In fact their lists have grown, as now people are more desparate to make it happen.

With some committed effort from my top people and upline ( giants in the biz ) and myself and from yourself, we can build you big, call your leads with or without you, i don't care. We want to call your leads, use your link, work with your people and so forth, we want this. In 10 years from now, from where i am right now i will still be in Freelife, can you say the same, if you can't then then there is no decision to be made, no must come over and start working with a team that is fully hands on. i can no longer fail, so it is now your time, i have 356 days a year to do nothing but build Freelife with you.

Who wants my link, Positioning is everything, right here right now.
Cards are on the table, your move !!

send me your phone number please, i will send link, let you watch the Movie first, then we'll call.

No dilly dallying around with emails. Let's get you started today !

To your success

Tom Broadbent
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