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Re: RE: Today's LA Times  Michael Severa
 Dec 16, 1999 11:34 PST 
I havent quite been able to bring myself to take this email out of my inbox
for a few weeks now, so i need to reply and get rid of it... ;-)

Phil, i understand what youre trying to say and i dont really want to start
an argument about this, but i disagree a bit with how you've said this...

first of all, i can imagine racism or war, for example, to exhibit slightly
more crass or vulgar forms of narcissistic whimsy or self-indulgence. Im sure
i could come up with more things if i really wanted to think about this...
as evil as some of the reasoning behind buying a car can be characterized,
and as much as i might even share in your sentiments, i think it should be
kept in perspective.. and remember it is a reflection of the society you live
more than of the car itself...

your point about a car ceasing to be a means of transportation is lost on
me... i dont think the car was ever considered solely a means of
transportation, just as the acquisition of nearly all material possessions
in our society seem to evoke ulterior motives in people.
(there are of course a few exceptions)
bicycles, for example, can even be seen as an example of this...
how about a '72 buick riviera? was that solely a means of transportation?
or the cadillac with a 501 cubic inch engine?
anyway, i guess thats enough.
i hope i at least slightly made my point clear, sorry, but i had to say



I read the article.   It simply confirmed my belief that the automobile has
long since ceased to be a means of transportation and has become a venue for
the display of self-indulgent, narcissistic whimsy at its most crass, vulgar
and environmentally destructive. I have a Mazda MPV that's 12 years old and
has 150,000 miles on it (most of this long-distance driving: Utah, Oregon,
etc., since I travel locally almost entirely by bike.) It's essentially a
simple box on wheels, with bench seats and a high roof line (I'm 6'4"). I
looked at the new, sleeker, sexier (etc etc) MPVs and found them to be
festooned with such frivolous junk that they're far less useful than the
ones built a decade ago. I decided to keep and rebuild the old one

Phil Lohman
Long Beach

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Today's LA Times, car-section had two articles that are un-intentionally
horrifying. One about the new "lifestyle vehicles" that have as many
on-board distractions as manufacturers can cram into a sport-ute. The
picture shows an interior repleat with a computer screen and keyboard for
the driver. Is this legal?

The other article is about rampant cheating on DMV driver's exam. DMV's
only response is to dumb-down the tests. There isn't even a law against
cheating! Many ethnic yellow pages have ads for companies selling exams and

Feel safer now?

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