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Re:  Dara
 Mar 10, 2001 20:07 PST 
I myself am wondering why I am getting this email. There is no
unubscribe message so it is not something that I signed up for.
Any help with this glitch would be much appreciated.

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From: "Sandy C. Smith" <sandy-@blazenet.net>
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Sent: Saturday, March 10, 2001 10:58 AM
Subject: Re:

I understand a bit of what you are and have gone through as my
dear husband
 has just finished an operation,radiation and chemo with the last
 being two months ago. So far so good!! He had cancer of the esoph.
at the
 beginning of the stomach. Where was yours?

Since you are on line,I am sure you have been searching and I
guess you have
 gotten the same magazines at the doctor's offices as we did.
However, I can
 remember seeing and reading about organizations that for free fly
you places
 needed for treatments and that help you when needed. No, I can't
find any
 of them,because I didn't bookmark 'em!

It is good you have gotten some attorneys,as long as they are
honest and
 care about you more then their salaries. I say that because my
husband is an
 attorney,but we live in PA. If you worked for the same place for
17 years,
 won't they employ you in another area that you can do? What are
you able to
 do now? I am thinking that some environmental group could maybe
employ you
 for researching certain cancer problems in your area. Things like
 petitions,gathering individuals health info,cancer clusters. This
info could
 either be gotten by just using a phone,maybe door to door,setting
up a stand
 at malls,etc.I would look up environmental organizations in your
area or out
 of your area that might be looking for someone just like yourself!
I am thus
 sending this to other folks who might have some ideas on this
level,too. No
 one is gather cancer info in the country and that needs to be
done. The PEW
 Foundation has just begin making this point which could play a
useful part
 to all of us whether me like them or not!

Going through your cancer treatments, you have met many others.
 contacts should not be lost.As I sat with my husband in cancer
 offices and looked around at the people who looked like the night
of the
 living dead, I got madder and madder. All people with and over
cancer should
 be organized in this country. Since 1 in 3 people get cancer,this
should be
 a wake up call to everyone else that doesn't have it. Cancer
should not "be
 a rite of passage" that most get but "probably" will be "cured" of
as the
 rest seem to look at it. Maybe we are fighting the environmental
reasons for
 getting cancer when we should be showing the public what the Faces
Of Cancer
 really look like. We need people with cancer mad enough to get up
 speak,whether they will make it or not. Tell other where they
 they were exposed to,etc.

I am working on collecting baby teeth for the project of finding
out how
 many children in the U.S. are infected with radiation. Man-made
 fission products like radioactive iodine and strontium,which did
not exist
 in nature prior to 1945, are created in nuclear weapons and
reactors and are
 released into the atmosphere, contaminating soil,food and water.
 1945-1963, fallout from above-ground nuclear bomb tests deposited
 amounts of lethal fission products affecting baby boomers born
during those
 years as well. There is so much to learn and so little time,if we
are to not
 only make a difference and stop this tread.

I will stay in touch and I hope you will as well. You really have
been in my
 prayers since I first read your e-mail. You are not alone and,even
 you have never met most of us, we really do care. When ever you
need someone
 to talk to, we are here. In the meantine,you need income so I'm
hoping some
 of the organizations that are part of this e-mail might be able to
use your
With love,
Sandy C. Smith 717-927-6412
Fox Brush Farm
1650 Furnace Rd.
Brogue,PA 17309

                               HAVE YOU DRANK FROM THE CUP OF

Have you drank from the cup of Cancer?
Its brew is bubbling with taste and desire.
Mixed painstakingly with Progress' waste,
We drink it daily in great haste.

Incinerator smoke shadows houses.
Have you drank from the cup of Cancer?
Dioxins pour from a waste- to- energy stack.
You cannot run away, you have to come back.

Buy everything Progress makes.
Trash it tomorrow when it breaks.
Have you drank from the cup of Cancer?
Landfills built for you and me.

Fertilizers, sludge, genetically engineered food,
Farmland, water and our air,
All poisoned daily without care.
Have you drank from the cup of Cancer?

This cup of Cancer we helped to make.
We let Progress stir it for us to take.
We tell our children, "This is safe."
Have you drank from the cup of Cancer?

By Sandy Chamberlain Smith c 1999

howd-@netzero.net wrote:


I am a breast cancer patient survivor not yet released from my
 My doctor also told me when he does release me he will not
release me to
 my prior profession which was food serving. Due to the physical
 of the job. This is what I have done for the past 17 years. I
am 40
 years old and live alone. My state disability has ended last
month and
 social security has denied my claim twice, I have since hired
Binder &
 Binder to plead my case to an affirmative law judge. They told
me this
 could take up to 12 months. In the meantime I have no income or
resources to pay my living expenses, rent, pg&e, phone etc...
 question I was wondering is if your organization might know of a
 or some kind of organization that could possibly help me for the
 being. I have contacted dept. of health & human services and
have an
 appointment on March 12,2001 for general assistance. If granted
 assistance it will not be enough to cover my rent. I have
 everywhere and have not yet been successful. Thank You for
taking the
 time to read this and would greatly appreciate the information
you may
 be able to give me.

                                                 Thanks again
 Denise M Cain

                 11 Julian Drive

                  Napa, Calif. 94559

                  Home # (707)265-6218

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