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 Chaos Breach
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Arrived...  atla-@yahoo.com
 Apr 20, 2001 22:09 PDT 
IC: *Jyro nearly slepted at his chair for like the reminder of the trip,
his long, silver hair was covering his eyes from the light, the
commander looks at him and shakes his head, he looks out the view screen
and sits there, drinking his cup of depleted plasma*

"Sir, we have arrived at the location but we do not see the USSC vessel
anywhere, there is no Skaarj contacts in the area o we are safe to
remain stationary..."

*the commander takes another sip and and puts his cup down*

"Very well, keep engines down to a low power and remain standby, I will
handle the shields....... you boys go ahead and go for a break since we
are gonna wait here for a while....."

*everyone in the bridge smiles and begin to laugh and talk while walking
out of the bridge, Ryark stares at Jyro again as he sleeps, he shakes
his head and walks out too*

"Computer..... dim the lights....."

*the lights dim as Ryark exits, smirking*

"That boy is so bored that someday..... someday...... hes gonna get
wrapped around webs like crazy......."

*he continues away towards the Mess Hall and joins in with the bridge
crew for a drink*

OOC: All yours Eric..
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