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Re: Second Contact [Amber/Fusion]  atla-@yahoo.com
 Apr 22, 2001 21:03 PDT 
IC: *Jyro continued to sleep under the dim lights in his bridge, as the
message from the USSC Amber's Dream enters the computers and relays the
message to the bridge commander in the mess hall, Fiacros looks at the
men taking a break from their duties in the bridge, his wrist band beeps
at the incoming message and presses a button for the table holo
projector to appear, he reads the message, seeing that the USSC ship is
actually here, he gets up as the projector turns off and leaves the mess
hall, he walks to the bridge again, seeing that Jyro is still asleep on
the chair, he turns and heads to the communications control and begins
to type in a response message, at the sametime he contacts the selected
crew members and instructs them to prepare their nessesary items and
meet up in the fighter bay, his eyebrow suddenly quirks up and slowly
turns to look at Jyro, still sleeping soundly from the boredom, he
begins to think of a plan for him to go out of this ship for a while and
at least have a little fun, if he doesnt get any type of kick out of
this, he mind as well submit to his theory of that nothing is fun and
hes trapped in the ship deal, he turns and begins to right a message,
confirming the preperation of the exchange, at the sametime, he writes a
message to Jyro's uncle for the plan of his, knowing that Arris would
respond immediately to his request and idea, he goes ahead and sends the
message to USSC while writing a message to Arris*

USSC Vessel,

       The preperations have been made and out crew members are being
briefed as we speak. They are not in the Fighter bays, getting their
supplies ready for the exchange programs.

       We also have a minor correction that is being processed and read
by our leader, Lore Arris, as we speak. We will send another message
concerning this minor correction as soon as it has been approved.

                                                   Commander Faicros
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