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 Chaos Breach
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Signals: Bad News  Grant Joseph
 Apr 23, 2001 15:06 PDT 
*The good Dr. walks up to a monitor and types in a few
letters and a picture of the alien ships pops up on
the screen. All of the ships have very large guns and
are prepaired for war.*

The dr. shakes his head. "no... it can't be... we have
to evac..." He trails off as men in black suits walk
into the small office.

"You men all need to leave. I'm agent Johnson and this
is our matter now."

all dr.s are escorted out of the room and sent to
their homes. All the agents clear the room and Johnson
looks at the screen and gets out his cell phone.
"Mr. Presedent...(where ever there are elipses or 3
dots is when he stops talking and gets questions n
shit.) You need a meeting with all other leaders
STAT... We have an alien threat.... It looks like
they're here in about 3 days.... yes sir... Johnson

he puts the phone back in his pocket. "The pres. says
to eliminate all evidence and let him deal with this."

****************Next Day******************************

A message goes out world wide, stopping the war to
defend the planet. Ricks is called to the HQ.

"Ricks... We need you and your men to go to the base
and set up all ships... we need enough ships for a 1
way trip to the closest safe planet for the entire

Ricks nods and sets up all ships. 3 hours later
everyone is boarded, the ships count down as the
people begin to pray, and set course for Raerth.

"5... 4... 3... 2!!!...1..."

OOC((Eric. 's yur post if yur ridin with ricks or
killin off yur char. on another ship... 's the two
choices... OR, you can branch off this rp onto another
rp in space against the aliens. 's the whole reason i
didn't get too specific on 'em.))

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