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RE: recommended dir for web server  Quinn, Dana
 Jan 10, 2000 17:21 PST 

Well, I'm inclined to think 6 of one, half dozen of
the other. I personally have never seen anyone link /usr/local
to opt. I guess it's all about where you want to spend
your disk space. We usually end up hanging another
partition off /usr/local - we know pretty much how
space /usr without local is going to take up, so then
we hang another partition for local. Once you put in
Oracle, StoryServer (may it be damned), Open Ad Server,
Netscape Server, Apache, and whatever else we have to
install on a box, /usr/local gets pretty full.

Whether /opt or /usr/local/ is used more, I don't know.
I personally don't see people other than Sun using
/opt - even most of the Sunfreeware.com packages install
into /usr/local these days. But I think it's probably
possible that Steven sees a bigger number of servers
than I do - I don't see a lot of different companies
servers like he probably does.


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"Quinn, Dana" wrote:
There's no real problem with /opt - I just kinda grew up
putting stuff in /usr/local, that's the way I was taught.

whole point of /opt was to keep junk off of /usr.
most folks i know just soft link /usr/local -> /opt.

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