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RE: A 64 bit perl  Dooley, Michael
 Apr 05, 2004 13:26 PDT 


although I don't use a 64bit os, I have to ask. is there a different
location of the 32bit expat vs. 64bit expat?

if that is the case then manually define and export LD_LIBRARY_PATH and
put the 64bit path before the 32bit path.

I am sure you have tried all of this first but sometimes someone else
just ask to ask.


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A friend is trying to compile a 64 bit perl on his sparc to go w/ the
32bit already there - problem appears to be that the ld path shows
/usr/local/lib from the perl compile but expat then tries to use that
ends up finding the 32 bit expat.so. Is there way to make it see the
correct path?


Andy Bach, Sys. Mangler
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