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 Mar 27, 2006 21:25 PST 

Jihyun Hwang <hyun-@gmail.com> 說:     If you want to feel the highest hot and spicy dish, you must take this recipe.
   This food's name is Kimchi. Kimchi is a kind of pickle, so it makes you more healthful.

   First, you prepare some powdered red pepper, cabbage, garlic and some flavor.
   Then you make a special spicies. After preparing a big bowl, you put some salt, powder red pepper, soy sauce, ginger, and rice, then you mix all of that ingredients.
   When you make the special spicies, you prepare the fresh cabbage. After washing the cabbage, you mix cabbage with the spicies.
   Last you scatter some sesame and set this dish.
   You must don't forget arrange table.
   Kimchi is Korea food. Korean engoy this food every day and every meal.
   It is not only delicious but also healthful.
   I want you enjoy this food like me.
   Thank you for reading.
   Have a nice day :)
Thank you for your recipe~~~ ^_^

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