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ADVISORY NOTICE - New Powerline, Full Auto-Pilot  trygo-@yahoo.ca
 Aug 22, 2005 14:17 PDT 

Attention please:

A new program has just launched, and it revolutionizes
the way you can make money on the web.

Clíck here:

Imagine a system where you could:

Pay a one-time fee to join two programs.
Get monthly paychecks that increase each month.
Never sponsor anyone, never call anyone - just a one-time
fee and get paid forever more.
Your downline grows each month, and everyone spends more and more.
No one ever quits - you get continous growth.
Paychecks can be more than $16,000 PER MONTH.

It's here now, and you should take a look at it!

You get paid by a well-run 4-year old M-L-M company with a perfect track record.
You also get world-famous products delivered monthly, at no chárge.
Your downline is trained for you, with no need to get them up to speed.

This program is new, and sizzling hot.

Clíck here:
Here's how it works:

16 of the Internet's top recruiters have been brought together to
recruit your downline. They have given up the right to earn income from
referring in order to build a downline for you, and pack it so wide and so
deep, that you won't believe the results. It will be the M-L-M world's first
packed, balanced matrix, generating maximum payouts.

It works through the magic of a straight-line forced powerline, where everyone
that comes in is placed into the system in that very same order - no personal
referring needed! Every new member goes where the first available spot is,
giving them the very best income opportunity available. This straight-line
matrix is growing forever, and everytime they reach the end of the line,
they begin back at the top, making your upline your downline. Each time through
the straight-line matrix, each member gets another opportunity to
create additional profit centers, with the option to decline additional
invitations if you wish.

Everyone that joins pays a one-time fee of $95 in order to benefactor 3 new members
into the program. In exchange, these 3 members are fully trained on the system,
and placed into your downline in order to generate maximum income for you.
They are also trained to bring in 3 members, which they can do on their own, or
bring 3 in by benefactoring with this system. They bring in 3 people into your
downline, and replicate this success over and over again.

The 16 heavy hitters have a collective list of over 100,000 people who look
for these kinds of opportunities, and in the next 7 days, they will be contacting
these lists, and telling everyone about this new system.

Over 3,000 new members are expected to join in the first 30 days, with 6 rows
of the master matrix expected to be filled in the M-L-M company the very first month.

The company that you get a position in is called Liberty Health Net (LHN), and you can
visit them on the web, at http://www.libertyhealthnet.com

LHN has a great track record for paying everyone, and are well known for shipping
world-class products to customers each and every month - this is a great company, with
great products, who pays YOU each month for building the business!

The cost to join this opportunity is $95, and if you want to maximize your earnings,
and position yourself at the top of the matrix, you can pay an additional $29 to
pre-position yourself.

Here's how you pre-position at the top of the matrix:

Buy a new $24 Plan ID at this URL:


This is the master ID for the new powerline co-op.

Next, register for the downline builder here:


Be sure to put in the new ID you obtained, if you choose to pre-position.
If you don't, you'll be benefactored a new ID number in the new powerline matrix
that is being built.

To summarize:

Register at http://www.downlinesrus.com, and be prepared to spend $95 in INTGold
when they notify you.

You will get:

   1. 3 Personal Enrollees
   2. Product of choice from LHN sent monthly
   3. $45 in Fast Start Bonuses ($15 x 3)
   4. A Position in LHN that will give you residual income monthly

If you want to position yourself high in the new matrix, then buy a new package using
this URL:


(this is optional, and you only need to buy one if you want to be placed up high in
the matrix).

Be sure to fund your INTGold account and have it ready for when they contact you.

If you need to fund your INTGold account, here are two companies that do a reasonable


Need an INTGold account? Get one - it's f.ree!


Contact me if you have any questions, and don't delay on this one - the sooner
you pre-position and join, the more you get paid!

All the best,

Jack Sinclair
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