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ADVISORY NOTICE - Please Read  trygo-@yahoo.ca
 Sep 06, 2005 09:05 PDT 

TEAMinator is in pre-launch, and will open tonight - this is your advance notice!

TEAMinator will launch tonight, between the hours of 8pm and 11pm EDT.

I'll send the group the membership and login links,
so you should be checking for it between 8pm and 11pm EDT tonight.

Here's the link you'll need to join - be sure to bookmark it for tonight's launch:


Be sure to prepare any letters you wish to send tonight before the launch, so
you can have your link and invitation in people's hands as soon as possible.

If you don't want to be glued to your computer, then start checking your
email around 9:30pm EDT onwards - 9:30pm - 10:30pm EDT is the most likely window
they will go hot - but this is JUST AN ESTIMATE, reality may be different.

Here's what you need to do when the doors open:

Register at the site: http://templar.teaminator.com

Respond to the confirmation email from them (you need to click the link in
the email to activate your account).

Login, and choose which level you wish to activate at. The lowest possible
level is $59.

Pay the $59 to activate your entry in the matrices, or choose one of the higher
levels if you think you'll get some referrals, or if you are at the beginning
and expect some spillover.

After that, you'll want to buy spots in the PRC - Passive Rewards Co-Op.
The PRC is where the money doubling happens - ad credits that you use to
promote your favorite program(s), and where your advertising dollars earns
100% over and over.

When you start to cycle, you'll earn 100%, and can cash out at either $80,
$160, or $320.

I recommend you join at the $80 level or higher, so you can cycle and withdraw
in one cycle.

With this system, it is probably safe to cycle and re-invest your profits,
and some may wish to reinvest at multiple $10 levels, so each of these will
double up to $320 and eventually pay you $320 for each entry.

So, here's a way to maximize earnings using $139:

Join, spend $59 to activate the matrix.
Spend $80 on the PRC. Set it to pay at $80.
The PRC cycles at $160, pays you $80 and re-enters you at $80.
Spend 4 $10 entries on the PRC.
Withdraw $40.
Wait for the matrix to cycle, and either withdraw the profits, or re-invest
to join at the other 2 levels.

If you have more funds, here's the next higher strategy:

Join at the $59+$250 level.
Buy 2 positions in the PRC at the $320 level.
When the PRCs cycle, withdraw $640, and reinvest the future cycles on new
PRC positions.

Payments from the PRC will be paid to your e-currency of choice on Mondays and Fridays.

TEAMinator is probably going to cycle 5-8 times in September, and being
in at the beginning is a great way to enjoy those fast cycles.

Get ready for the launch!

All the best,

Jack Sinclair
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