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here's another $15,000 per month, zero effort  trygo-@yahoo.ca
 Apr 20, 2006 21:02 PDT 

You can make $15,000 this month!

Ultimate pays 50% daily for 5 days.
Sounds too good to be true, but read on!

That means you can be R-ISK FREE in 2 days.
It means you can turn $100 into $15,000/month in just days.

I have contacts that are withdrawing $3,500 weekly, so
consider this one carefully. It is short term, but high

Join here:

Funds can be deposited via

(anyone, anywhere can join this one).

Here's the low risk, $15,000 in one month strategy:

Invest $100 into the 50% for 5 days program.
On day 2, withdraw $100.
You are now playing with FUN money.
On day 3, you will be paid another $50 - invest it back
in for 50% for five days.
Day 4, you are paid $75 - reinvest it.
Day 5, you are paid $100 - reinvest it.
Keep reinvesting (be sure to take out your initial $100)
Once you start reinvesting over $300, your daily payout
will increase, to as much as 65% daily.

Once you are being paid over $167 daily, put $167 into the
"400% in 5 days" program. It will pay you $667 in 5 days,
and you can withdraw $500 and re-spend $167 back into the
same program (400% in 5 days). You can also put money into
the 50% per day program, and grow your account to 6 or 7
figures in under 60 days.

You will be in massive profit in your first month.

This is perhaps the hottest program on the web right now, so
don't delay - join now and be paid tomorrow!

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