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RE: Apple Adict  lbrewer
 Dec 04, 2008 13:36 PST 

I too enjoy apples many apples; however, I eat a variety of fruits and
vegetables to get the other nutrients my body needs. One fruit doesn't
give you all the nutrients you need. As recommended on mypyramid.com,
eat a variety of fruits and vegetables especially those in different
colors. If you're only eating one type of fruit, you may be missing out
on the nutritional benefits of other fruits. You certainly are getting
the number of fruit servings recommended per day plus; did you ask your
doctor about the long-term effects of only eating one type of fruit? If
you eat other types of fruits, then there's no need to worry about lack
of nutrients that this food group provides. The other issue I would
think about is how you eat your apples. If they're being eaten by way
of apple pies, crisps, smoothies, cobbler, cookies, breads, etc., then
you may want to think about the extra calories being consumed by foods
high in sugars and fats. You're body may react to those extra calories
in negative ways, ways your doctor would not approve of.

Sofia F. wrote:
 Apple Adict!

Most everybody likes fruit, right? Most everybody likes apples... Well,
turns out that I love apples. I simply cannot live without them. Doctors
we should eat one apple a day... My minimum is 4. Sometimes more but
less than 4. Every single day. I never paid too much attention to it,
people around me started asking if it's good or bad to eat that many
I never noticed anything wrong, really, but I got somewhat curious as
specially after I went to my neighborhood supermarket one day, and, as
always, got like 14 apples or so...
When I was paying, the man at the cashier looks at me with this really
look on his face and says: "You know, I've been trying to ask you
since quite some time now...What do you do with all these apples??"... I
blushed and said: " I eat them. I eat them all."
I tried to find some information about this online, but all the pages I
found end up saying apples are very good for you, etc... Of course, they
assume people will eat one or two a day, not five or more.

So I was hoping someone with a little more knowledge on this issue would
help me find out if there is anything negative about eating so many
apples a

Thank you in advance!
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