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List Name contingent-org (contingent-org)
Purpose: **********************************************************
Welcome to CONTINGENT-ORG, the new listserv for contingent
worker organizers in our as-yet-unnamed national contingent
organizer network.

This is a forum for activists, organizers and other interested
parties associated with any of our member-organizations to
have ongoing discussions about how we can best work together
to improve the political and economic lot of the nearly one-
third of the U.S. workforce who have contingent jobs.

By contingent we mean: part-time, temp, contract, day-labor,
sweatshop and migrant jobs.

Jobs with virtually no benefits or security. Jobs that are, in
the main, lower-paying than equivalent full-time jobs in the
same occupations. Jobs that are swiftly becoming the predominant
work arrangement in the global economy.

As such, this list is not just open to organizers operating within
the U.S., but also to fellow organizers and activists the world
over. Any of us who make contact with kindred spirits in other
countries (who have access to the Internet) should feel free
to invite them to participate in our discussions.

Once on the list, people can stay subscribed as long as they
like--provided they abide by a few simple ground rules:

1) Anyone posting to this list must agree to keep their posts
on topic. This list is dedicated to discussing how, when, where
and why we organize contingent workers. While certainly a broad
topic, it does have its limits. Posts on unrelated issues are
o.k. ONCE IN A WHILE, but list-users need to keep in mind that
anything you post to this list goes out to everyone else on
the list. Every time. People should get used to privately
emailing other list-users about unrelated material, if they
just want to "catch up" with each other, or if they get involved
in a long debate that only involves themselves. Nuff said.

2) Anyone using this list must agree to be civil to each other.
We won't censor anybody. This is an unmoderated list. Whatever a
member posts to the list goes right out to all the other members.
Hot debates are great. Cuss words are fine. AS LONG AS THEY'RE
NOT DIRECTED AT OTHER LIST USERS. This is serious, folks. This
is a public forum. People can curse each other out by personal
email all they want, but not on this list. First offense by any
list-member gets a warning from me (the List Manager). Second
offense gets suspended from the list for one month. Third
offense gets expelled from the list.

3) Any form of sexual harassment or threat of physical violence
sent over this list from one list-member to another will result
in immediate expulsion from the list.

4) NO COMMERCIAL POSTS. This list is not a business opportunity.

5) Otherwise, list-users should just observe the general Internet
rules of "Netiquette." If you are new to the Net, you can find
out about these loose rules by reading the FAQs (Frequently
Asked Questions) of whatever Internet company you're using.
It's all basically common sense. Just remember what the Blues
Brothers say: "Help Ever. Hurt Never."

Have fun. If you have any questions, drop me line.


Jason Pramas
List Manager

Campaign on Contingent Work
Boston, MA

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Created: Sep 15, 1999
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