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List Name Cool Web Sites - L&D/Topica (L&D's COOLWEB)
Purpose: Keep sharp -- BE QUICK OF WIT! -- Topica's COOLWEB list is the
hottest discussion list on the Internet. Lurk if you must, but we're
betting you'll be compelled to jump in and try to one-up the last
guy as we uncover and toss about the most COOLICIOUS web sites
you never knew existed! COOLWEB is heavily moderated by Linky &
Dinky's Uncle Url (http://www.linkydinky.com) and with his vast
experience in tempering THOSE two crazies, you can be sure the
next COOL WEB message will fascinate everybody. So join us right
now, before you miss the next astonishingly cool web site! (What
else is the internet good for?)

NOTE TO L&D FANS: This is the place. Giddyup and join!
Website URL: http://www.linkydinky.com
List Type: Moderated discussion
Subscription: Does not require owner approval
Archive: Readable by anyone
Created: May 18, 2000
Owners: Owner 1, Owner 2, Mark Beeghly, UncleUrl
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Stats: 3829 subscribers / 2 messages per week
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