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Country Singles February newsletter  Harlan. Jacobsen
 Jan 30, 2010 22:23 PST 

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I N   T H I S   I S S U E:

** What He Wishes You'd Do on a Date
** How to Dine Out Inexpensively
** Protect Yourself from Cyberstalking

** National Singles News Briefs, including
      -- How they met.
      -- How to buy chocolate.
      -- Feeling blue? Talk it through.

~~~~~Happy Valentines’ Day!~~~~~~

Yes, this is a FREE newsletter, but remember the “dues”: helping us
spread the word. Please forward this free online publication to singles
you know! Invite them to sign up. Sharing is good.


Dining options

Happily – or unhappily, depending on your point of view – Valentines Day
this year falls on a Sunday.

Sunday not being widely held as the most romantic night of the week (too
many folks have to go to work the next morning), some restaurants are
expanding their “valentine” dining specials to Feb. 12 and 13 too.

This has some advantages. If you’re not sure this is the ultimate
relationship, but you’d still like to make a good impression on your
date, you can opt for Friday or Saturday without the apparent
“commitment” of a Valentines Day dinner.

If you ARE extra sweet on your sweetie, then having three nights for
celebration should make restaurants less crowded (and therefore more
romantic) on the 14th.

Keep in mind, though, that not all holiday dining “specials” are in fact
a bargain. Do a bit of price comparison in advance. A charming local
spot may give you a better – and more affordable – experience than a
national chain that’s heavily promoting Valentines.
Currently unattached?

For those who are single-single, Valentines Day on Sunday means you can
go out all weekend and even Sunday (with or without your single
friends), without anyone noticing or caring that you aren’t on a date on
Valentines Day.

It also gives you lots of options over the weekend to throw a TGIS
(Thank God I’m Single) potluck party at home for all your single

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What He Wishes You'd Do on a Date

Recently the "man's opinion" column in "Glamour" magazine offered a
dating "playbook" of things guys wish gals would do on dates. [Most of
these a wise words for the opposite sex, as well.]

1. Keep your "Google" findings to yourself. If you looked him up, don't
bring it up.

2. Follow your wacky urges. Suddenly seem like a better idea to stop
for ice cream than to go to the movie?   Say so.

3. Flirt. And then flirt some more. "We are bona fide suckers for any
and all female attention."

4. Let him know you've checked out his body. "If he mentions a body
part more than once, say something nice about it. Yes, we're that

5. Don't tell stories about your ex camouflaged as "my friend."

6. Laugh at his jokes - even if they aren't that hilarious.

7. Laugh at yourself.

8. Don't show photos featuring your most attractive friends. Or your

9. Realize that your horoscope is no indication of how the date will


How they met.
According to a recent Harris Interactive poll of more than 10,000
newlyweds, 19% met online, 17% through friends, and 17% at a party or
other social event.

How to buy chocolate.
Think that a box of chocolates might win you points with your date?
"USA Weekend" magazine offers the following tips to avoid both poor
chocolate and high prices: 1. Don't assume that high price equals high
quality. Consider price per piece, rather than price per pound. 2.
Don't believe that Belgium and Switzerland rules the market. 3. Don't
judge by cocoa content. It has zero relation to taste. 4. Don't
choose chocolate that has any non-cocoa butter fats. Dairy fats should
be in fillings only. 5. Don't buy it if it isn't fresh.

Older and wiser.
The American Psychological Association reports that several studies
have found that as we get older, most of us are happier and feel more in
control than when we were younger. This may be because we actually do
take more control: Research found that older adults are more likely
than young people to actively avoid stressful situations.

Feeling blue? Talk it through.
If you're feeling blue, medication may not be the best solution. Yes,
brain chemistry can be an issue for some people. But the University of
Texas Southwestern Women's Mental Health Center reports that when
specific problems are contributing to depression (such as a divorce or
relationship breakup), two types of talk therapy (cognitive behavior
therapy and interpersonal psychotherapy) can help resolve the feelings
and develop skills for handling situations in the future.

"Newsweek" magazine wrote recently about Britain's Queen Victoria, who
became queen at 18, and had nine children. She told her daughter she
was tired of congratulating brides. "The poor woman is bodily and
morally the husband's slave. That always sticks in my throat. When I
think of a merry happy free young girl -- and look at the ailing, aching
state a young wife is generally doomed to, which you can't deny is the
penalty of marriage." The article notes that Victoria believed that if
women were properly warned, "no woman would go to the altar."


HELP FOR THE NEWLY SINGLE! Our singles' Internet information is
maintained solely to help newly divorced and widowed people. Newly
singled people find out about it and get help only if readers like YOU
tell them about the sites and newsletters. Next time you attend a
support group, class, seminar, singles event etc. please do both us and
them a favor by recommending and telling them about these sites,
newsletters, and courses. Remember, these services are all totally FREE.


How to Dine Out Inexpensively
Pointers from a restaurant critic

1. Huge portions don't equal huge value. Better to have really good
food, but less of it.

2. Split an entree. Meat portions are usually excessive, so splitting
makes for a healthier meal too. Consider adding a salad or side dish.

3. Price out your wine order. It might make more sense to get a
reasonably priced bottle than to order by the glass. Or rather than
ordering two glasses each, have one each and split the third.

4. Check online or by calling your favorite spots to see what bargains
they are offering, such as a prix-fixe menu or daily specials.

5. On weekends, meet for breakfast or brunch instead of dinner. These
days in many restaurants brunch means specially priced dishes (rather
than an elaborate buffet), which lowers costs.

6. Online compare the lunch and dinner menus. Many restaurants offer
some of the same dishes at lunch for less.

7. Eat slowly. Rather than inhale your food, taste it, enjoy it,
discuss it. Slowing the pace allows more time for conversation, and
you'll actually feel full sooner.

For archived articles with more tips on dating successfully, visit our
website at http://datingagain101.com.

Protect Yourself from Cyberstalking

"Vitality" magazine offers the following pointers to avoid being
cyberstalked -- harassed or threatened by someone online.

1. Regularly review your computer security to be sure it's up to date.

2. Don't use your real name or nickname as your screen name or user ID.

3. With someone you've met online, for the first face to face meeting
make it a public place and bring a friend.

4. Change your password regularly.

5. Don't tell anyone your password.

6. Emails from people you don't know should be deleted unread.

7. Limit the access to your social networking profiles.

8. Never post your address, phone number or personal information

9. Consider online correspondence to be public: Don't send anything in
anger; don't send anything you wouldn't want other people to read.

If you're being stalked or harassed, do the following:

1. Tell the person not to contact you again; then stop replying to

2. Contact the person's service provider and make a complaint.

3. Keep hard copies of all interaction between you and the harasser,
and with service providers or law enforcement.

4. If the harassment happens in IM or chat, log off for 24 hours and
use the time to change your user ID, nickname, and profile information.

5. If the stalker contacts you offline (such as by phone), call the
local police.

- - -

No Money to Online "Loves"
Scammers can be patient

Recently "Money" magazine reported an increase in online love scams,
many of which originate in crime rings in Russia or Nigeria. The person
may correspond with you for weeks or even months.

"Then he announces his wallet was stolen while he was abroad and asks
you to send him a few thousand. Or he wheedles personal information
from you and empties your bank account. Or she asks for a plane ticket
from Moscow to visit." In each case, you don't hear from them again.

To protect yourself, never give money to anyone you haven't met face to
face. If they ask for money, report them to the dating site where you

Don't give out your street address, workplace, or your mother's maiden
name. For safer offline correspondence, get a post office box.

Happy Valentines’ Day!
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