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List Name CPE and Pastoral Care in Africa (CPE Africa)

"CPE and Pastoral Care in Africa" or "Clinical Pastoral Education and Pastoral Care in Africa" is the name of this email list for those interested in the supervised education of pastoral caregivers in Africa. You are invited to join together with those you know who might be interested.   The event that inspires this list is THE 6TH CONGRESS OF THE INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL ON PASTORAL CARE AND COUNSELLING (ICPCC) which was held in Accra, Ghana August 8 - 15, 1999. This list is a step in the long term direction of developing a network of persons who through association can foster quality pastoral care in African countries. In the short term, subscribers are invited to share and respond to information such as the following:

Pastoral training planned in your church, mosque, temple, health care or educational institution.
Courses and workshops available/recommended for helping professionals.
Ideas for the further association of those involved in pastoral training and supervision.
Standards for the training and supervision of pastoral care in Africa.
Vignettes for the inspiration and responses of others.
Job opportunities offered or sought.
References to/comment upon pertinent articles/books in pastoral care and counselling.
Stories and proverbs for African values in training and supervision.
How subscribers can be of further help to one another.
Electronic resources and technology for CPE in Africa.
Ethical issues in health care in Africa.

As "owner" (technical term) of the list I have selected the option for now of opening the list to subscribers without restriction. If you respond to someone else's comment on the list you might want to respond to the person individually or to share you
response with all of the list subscribers, perhaps prompting further comment.

Welcome and I hope you will enjoy the exchanges on "CPE in Africa."

I am Fr John Eybel, a Maryknoll priest conducting CPE at Bugando Medical Centre in Mwanza, Tanzania.
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