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Purpose: CROCKPOT is a private mailing list intended to help people with ideas and recipes for the crock pot or similar table top appliances. Posting recipes and questions to the list is encouraged, but all posts should have some relation to the list topic (crockpot).

Here are some basic guidelines for posting to the list:
(this will be updated as needed)

Appropriate/acceptable posts include:

-Messages related to cooking, especially crockpot cooking.
-Questions about crock pots, manufacturers, etc.
-Requests for recipes.
-Recipes for the crock pot or slow cooker, or other similar appliance.
-Other recipes if requested or if they might be adapted to a crockpot.
-Helpful related net links.
-Discussion of related books, magazines, etc.
-Discussion of ideas for creating new recipes.

Inappropriate posts:
-Blatant advertising or forwarded spam.
-Messages unrelated to cooking.
-Messages which attack another poster (flames).

Copyright issues: Unless the recipe is your own creation or you've adapted and rewritten, the source should be noted somewhere within the recipe (if known). If it's from a web page, or other newsletter or list, include the address.

The crockpot list may not be redistributed for profit.

Happy Posting,

Diana Rattray
Website URL: http://southernfood.about.com/crock/blcpidx.htm
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Created: Dec 15, 1999
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