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 Dec 26, 1999 16:32 PST 

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Date: Sun, 26 Dec 1999 19:29:39 EST
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Merry Christmas one day late Dag,
Having a pilot house with 13 windows, I have looked at the
Polycarbonate(lexan) and Acrylic (Plexiglass) materials quite a bit.
Truthfully, it seems that the big boys are divided on this one.
Here is how I see it:
Old stuff: Acrylic-Plexiglass
     Pro:     Fairly Rigid--in doubt?--go thicker
                Harder than Polycarbonate(lexan)
                Less Flex, Less crazing, generally stable over time.
                Much cheaper.
                Available in shades or tones-dark grey, bronze green etc.
                Available at extra cost...."Mar resistant finish" not good
if it has to be installed in anything but a flat position. "Finish" will not
hold up.

New Stuff: Polycarbonate-Lexan
     Pro and Con: Can take a bullet-but a breaking wave will distort it
enough to possibly punch a large piece through a small hole. Any questions,
start calling Atkins & Hoyle 416-596-1818 or Freeman Marine, etc., etc.,
etc., they shy away from Lexan for major loads
     Surface is very soft. Read SCRATCHABLE.
     Will craze (surface crack) much, much sooner than acrylic.
      Expensive-tough finding anything but clear-and could not find Mar
Resistant material..regardless of cost.

    Synopsis. In my opinion, get 1/2" Acrylic from your local Distributor
and do the cutting yourself for get to your local Fabricator in the Yellow
pages and have them make up what you want.

Have been planing for steel bars in the center of the windows myself, but
even the Coast Guard Rescue craft (47') use 1/2" only, so where are we going?
Your boat is a caulk compared to mine and should "Give" if struck by even a
huge wave, but hey, I agree, "Nothing too strong ever broke!"

Best Regards, Ron Sheridan SV Memory Rose PH#2

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